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I am unsure what you're referencing here but to me anyway, any political philosophy be it Democratic, Neo-Conservative, Republican or Libertarian, is just another religion. America needs more pragmatic leaders and decision makers to extricate ourselves from the mess we're in and solve some very disturbing and pressing problems. Fiorina's stance was classic neo-con. She's gonna teach all those other countries a lesson, no doubt. Can't mind her own business.
Absolutely. Like a true Republican, Carly wants to tell everybody what to do & how to live.
It's not just the editor. The same crash report occurs on other pages as well. I think it's used to feed ads perhaps.   But how it's used is not the point here. Why it's used at all is the issue.
Load the AI site. Open Activity Monitor. Force-Quit Adobe Flash. Now check out the AI site browser page. It'll say flash crashed. Screen shot below.  
While I enjoy reading AppleInsider, my MacBook Pro's fans race thanks to Adobe flash's misbehavior.   It's time to retire flash... everywhere, and especially, on all Mac-centric web sites.   http://occupyflash.org/
So what used to take 1 click now takes 2? That's brilliant GUI design!   There's must be something Apple could do to hide photos you just took seconds ago even further...
Author wrote: Here in Denver it's Thursday when it's Friday in China.
Agreed. It infuriates me that Apple deprecated their own OS but continued support for USB local syncing via iTunes in Windows. Windows gets the support, we get the finger. After enduring decades of Mac marginalization, it's tough to swallow when it's Apple doing the marginalizing.
Nope, they don't. They're going to do exactly what their plans and goals are regardless. We've all learned this about Apple over the years but for some reason, people refuse to believe or acknowledge it. Analysts talk of market share and what the industry's doing, and Apple pays absolutely no attention to them. They may give them lip service if it's good for the stock price but in regards to product development, they could not give a rat's ass what Samsung is up to.
Of course they don't. We sat around a conference room table stunned when they told us POINT BLANK they didn't care. We wanted to build a product, and they wouldn't allow us to interface, and our engineer said "So-and-so's doing this with blankety-blank phones, and we want to offer it, too." Whereupon the Apple manager told us, "We don't care what the competition is doing. This is how it's going to be."
New Posts  All Forums: