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I really was hoping for a smaller iPhone - "iPhone mini."   Maybe something in the 2.5" to 3" range. I think going larger gets close to intersecting with iPad.   Perhaps using the light function to project a keyboard on an external flat surface.   A sleeker, lower profile iPhone would be a big hit.
Darn... I was hoping for something much smaller and lower profile than the current iPhone. Seems to me if folks want bigger, get an iPad. I think a smaller screen size would have many fans...
I was hoping Apple would make an iPhone with a smaller screen, frankly. A lower profile would fit much better in a pocket, be lighter weight and have spectacular battery life.
Yes, seriously. Many remote government installations in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Out in the middle of nowhere, not even a cell signal. Most of the time, 200 miles to the nearest gas station.  Last week, I spent nearly 3 hours driving well over 70 mph before I saw another car. What burns our collective butts is that we bought all this shit because of the way it worked. After which, they changed the way it works. Who does that?
I'd appreciate it if Apple would at least treat Mac users like they treat Windows users, and not deprecate local USB sync in iTunes. iCloud really sucks big time - lost data, duplicate Contact list, empty calendars, slows iPhones to a crawl - man, it's just awful.   I don't know what our sales and repair teams will do for syncing when they're out in the field with no internet - which is about 90% of their work day. I guess they'll need to manually replicate events,...
I'm not sure exactly how I feel about 10.9. One thing I find very annoying is Apple's deprecation of USB local sync in iTunes for Macintosh users but complete support for Windows users. Grrrr. Would Steve have allowed this, I wonder?   I have little philosophical issues with iCloud; I just have noticed that in the past, it slowed my iPhone to a crawl until I turned it off & presto! iOS gets chippy again. I do find it irksome to depend upon an Apple internet system for my...
Are you an accountant or an attorney?
Quite lovely. Now I'm a liar? Dude, you can now get great taste in a decaffinated coffee. Prior to your arrival, we were discussing local synching of calendar, contacts and notes via a USB cable, iOS device to local Mac host (or vice versa, your pleasure). You cannot do this any longer in Mavericks via iTunes on a Mac. iCloud must be involved. It is not a lie... try it. Plug your iPhone into your 10.9 Mac and try to sync your contacts with iCloud turned off. Sync via...
I tried to keep it simple for you :-)
Thanks, we'll take a look.   http://www.change.org/petitions/apple-bring-the-100-offline-sync-for-ios-back#share
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