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Naw, that's just your natural state.
Read the fine print, man. You can opt out but not really. You'll still get fed ads - albeit not as "relevant" or tailored to your tastes or usage and age and height and race and what you read or watch or listen to or how much you make or the thousands of other parameters they store about you in their huge new North Carolina data complex - and your Location will still be reported even after you opt out, unless you turn off Location services and never use it again. The...
You're a disgusting ass.
I appreciate the suggestion. However, I'm going to stick with my 3GS and the old iPhone OS currently on it and fight against iAds. No upgrades for me or my family (3 iPhones) until iAds changes it's big brotherish behavior. I am writing every congressman in the House and every Senator in the Senate.I am looking for a local political champion who will take a bill to Washington and work to drive it to signature. Fortunately, it's an election year, iPhone 4 is big, big news,...
After reading about the potentially annoying impact iAds may deliver in iOS 4, I have held off on any "upgrading" until I could learn what consequences this would have for me. 

Later, I learned that all sorts of metrics will be gathered & transmitted to all sorts of 3rd parties about whom I know nothing, nor with whom I have agreements. This data includes my use of my own phone, where I am, what sites I visited, what applications I prefer, what music I like, what movies I...
We have been misunderstanding Steve all this time. When we thought he said FLASH would degrade the iPhone's performance, he actually said FLESH.
I have solved the problem of holding the iPhone! Now, everyone's going to be able to hold their iPhone 4 any way they like. Miracle of miracles! Apple should "hand" out around 5 million of these to start, left handed only! Problem fixed!
Who is the bonehead at Apple who decided it would be a good idea to blame the customer?
Sony does it, but I still think the Justice Dept would fight Apple on this because of iTunes. Apple would need to carefully design such a system & get government buy-in up front. But it's really the way to the future and might be the wisest way to actually save music. If artists can no longer make any money except by live shows, the music makers will suffer - and we will get little new music.
I must've fallen asleep and woken up on Opposite World. When did one USB port = "fully featured" ? Wha? Yikes!
New Posts  All Forums: