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I believe you mean "...before you're trolled..." FYI & have a great day!
I am hoping this tablet will actually allow users such as myself to get some real work done, rather than simply being a dedicated device outlet to sell me media.
By recent, you must mean 8 years running.
Whew! Good thing they weren't listening to you back when they released the PowerBook 140.
Yes! Of course! I want the stupid course navigated! It must be stupid or I'm not for it! You're brilliant, naturally, it's just remarkable how the fog of negative discourse simply dissipates when you walk into a room. All hail! Dude, stop putting words in people's mouths, it's highly unsanitary. I never mentioned the engineering or construction, I only noted this worn aluminum look is 8 years old now & I'm bored with it. Yawn. I know a bunch of guys and gals who are sick...
So they'd end up with silvery aluminum enclosures and glossy screens? Why be different? I wish Apple would hire Ive to update their 7 or 8 year old laptop line... 7 or 8 years in the electronics industry is like 412 dog years, I believe. Think Same.
Eh, no worries, thanks for the kind words, however. It's all as exciting as that thrilling iPhone OS X notification I've come to love and admire: "NOTHING TO UNDO - CANCEL." I mean, if there's nothing to undo, why must I cancel? And if nothing actually happened, what is it specifically I am canceling? I guess we're all canceling much to do about nuthin' Strange. Yet another mystery of life...
Interesting speculation... It would also be cool if you could rotate the unit, so you could read text in vertical mode instead of wide screen video mode. Less scrolling. More info displayed on the screen. To really benefit the business user, the machine would need to allow multiple apps to be open and copying/pasting between windows/apps - e.g., you'd need to open that spreadsheet, copy parts of some data, put it into a new spreadsheet, create a table or chart and plop...
Does this tablet make my butt look fat?
I am baffled by your "anti-iPhone OS camp" comment. I am not anti-iPhone OS. Never said so, ever. It's fine, works on my phone just peachy. I was responding to a poster who noted that his MacBook was getting a bit heavy, like mine has become. We were postulating how this rumored tablet might be substituted in our world for a more compact portable platform (the MBA is thin, not compact - it's footprint is still 13" or 30% larger than a 10" product). In order to do so, and...
New Posts  All Forums: