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It's merely an opportunity to humiliate members of your own peer group, drink beer, and hand out cash.
Absolutely agreed.  
I can see many people liking notifications. I find them distracting and I dislike applications moving to the front, interrupting my work (because they're so much more important than me, I guess). As long as the interruptions can be disabled, there's no harm.   Pushing updates via force-feeding is another thing. That would NOT be cool. It can quickly turn into a major mess.  
I dislike it when the machine decides for me that the software I need & use every day is going to get an alteration. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Updates are constantly breaking things. New versions are quite often never as good as their predecessors.   I am hoping that the disabling of this blind robot "feature" actually works, and sticks, and is not in any way like Adobe's preferences, where whatever decision I make is apparently ignored by Adobe.  
Oh no kidding. I love it when an OS X folder reveals to me "Ethernet i...onous.txt," because I'm pretty sure that's the file I was lookin' for. I'm not 100% sure but it's still damned exciting to have finally found it anyway.   Auto-sizing of columns to accommodate what's being viewed (well, we're all trying to view it) should have happened 10.2 or 10.3. A Panther thing probably. Years later would be better than nuthin' tho...
Why did it take years and years and years for the iCal Dock icon to actually display the real (today's) date?   Why has it taken 10+ years for Apple to not fix the Finder?   The vendor's POV = what's the least amount of resources we can assign to generate the most amount of cash.
Well, that's why you didn't ask for that. Just because it won't help you doesn't mean it isn't needed.
I understand your concern but I don't think it requires all that much power. It doesn't need to be refreshed every nanosecond - just occasionally, making an extremely mitigated impact on battery life. Android does this simply, I think Apple could do it better (if they bothered to). It's just ridiculous that it wasn't designed that way in the first place - but remember how long it took Apple (years) just to change the Dock icon of iCal to reflect today's date.   They can...
Perhaps. It would still be nice if it displayed the actual temperature & weather at the current location. It's a bit ridiculous that's it's always 73 no matter what. So much for "smart" phone. eh? ;-)
  I'd still like to know why the Weather app always reports 73 degrees. Does 73 stand for 1973, first Apple machine?
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