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Remember when the Dock icon for iCal was finally improved to show today's date?   It would be nice if the Weather app icon in iOS actually noted the temperature. Why is it always 73 degrees?
  It's true, he's not the most accomplished software designer. Certainly not as accomplished as he is a hardware guru, judging by all his awards. Doesn't mean he can't get it done.   However, if Mac OS X 10.8.3, or OSX 10.8.3 or whatever they're calling this piece of shit was done by experienced and polished Apple OS engineers, then I'm all for having someone else - ANYONE ELSE - have a go at it. Why not Jony?   Maybe he will deliver an OS that doesn't obscure...
Being the little guy in America means just getting screwed over by the big boys. You can work hard, develop something and even patent it properly, but the corporations with the deep pockets can simply steal virtually anything they like. It's not a level playing field and hasn't been for decades.
Yes, George Will predicted a "321-217 Romney landslide." How wrong can one man be? To get to root cause, I think we need to follow the bullshit. As a former Republican, it is a bit clearer to me. It's apparent that Democrats & Independents believe that fundamentalist Republicans have a great desire to tell people how to live and what to do - and are full of it, to the brim. Americans have an inherent dislike of being told what to do. Let's look at where Republicans...
Apple achieved a great deal of market respectability when they switched to Intel, and it did drive sales for awhile. Intel spends a lot of money on marketing. But today, I'm not sure if it matters all that much what's under the hood. If anything, the graphics will improve making a switch away from Intel.   What I'm most concerned about is the gradual and seemingly inevitable rush towards the melding of OS X and iOS. Some functional overlap and interoperability can be...
  It's an all or nothing thing. You either sign up to allow Facebook access to your contacts list, or you don't. Doesn't appear to be any limiting preference options. So, you don't need to turn it off, just don't turn it on.  
  Agreed 110%. In 10.8.2, Apple has teamed with Facebook to grant the latter access to our Contacts, what used to be much more elegantly known as Address Book.   Facebook gets access to our Contacts list. Not just those on Facebook but all of them - business and personal. Every single one.   Hey, what possibly could go wrong here?  
There's gotta be an App for that!
Agreed, and the more I read about ML the more anxious I am to have it get here, now that it appears that many of the iOSification elements & crap apps can be turned-off. Just having the damn scroll bars beefed up to make them more responsive is worth $30 right there! Moose, Rocco, help the Judge find his checkbook!!! I'm getting tired of having to Option-drag a scroll bar in Lion's Mail, in order to get some finer granularity in the scrolling. Regarding Save & Save As,...
Do you have anything of value to add? Otherwise, why bother?
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