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OK. If Apple where a country... Moved up to place 30. Between South Africa and Philippines. And before Switzerland, Venezuela and United Arab Emirates. Creepy ;-).
Would be nice to have a larger screen but about the same dimensions as an iPhone 5. Must be doable with an edge-to-edge design. Made a mockup to show it's possible to combine the 'premium' iPhone design with a much larger display.   http://www.xmts.nl/iphone6.html       Huh? Where did the embedded jpeg go?
Does anybody get the idiotic race towards even higher pixel density? Medical purposes come to mind, but anything else? This TUAW article gives a nice description: http://www.tuaw.com/2012/03/01/retina-display-macs-ipads-and-hidpi-doing-the-math/ And as a side note: should Samsungs 1080p not equal 720p due to the use of pentile screens?
From the looks of it this is just the current iPhone 5 v2. My expectations for the 2014 line up: iPhone 5s (better camera, more sensors, fingerprint recognition) in black, white, champagne iPhone 5e (global LTE support) in black, white, champagne iPhone 5c (plastic shell, no LTE) in multiple colors
Looks great, but slightly familiar. Oh, wait. I already have an iPhone 5. Compared to iPhone: weight 28%; thickness 24%. Pass. And... HTC will not state battery life on its website. You figure out why!
Who does not love Gartner. Even when Samsung does not reveal number of phones 'sold', Gartner knows it's 86,567.6. And especially the .6 makes it so much more believable ;-). And who is buying these RIM phones. Haven't seen a new one/model in almost 2 years on the street...
@sleepy3   Pleeze, pleeze, pleeze leave the designing to Apple. Don't you wonder why a touchscreen needs a bezel. This wasn't put in for nothing. When the touch location is the center of the finger it is approximately a circle with a 10mm diameter. This leaves some 3mm to each side of the finger without touch. This is almost exactly the width of the bezel of the iPhone (every single model!). Positioning your finger for tapping and selecting is easy on an iPhone and...
Here in Holland everyone below 25 and with a disposable income below average has a Samsung. Everyone else has an iPhone. You hardly see any other brand around. As a side note, everyone who currently has a Samsung 'whatever', wants an iPhone but only if screen size was at least slightly larger (up to 4", not larger).
The DMC-12 came with a 6-cylinder PRV (Peugeot/Renault/Volvo) engine. De double-Y chassis was a direct descendant of the highly praised Lotus chassis, so nothing to sneeze at. At the time DeLorean had it designed to compete with the Porche 911. This failed miserably of course since none of the specs matched the Porche, it weight 50% more and built-quality was horrid, even for the 80's. The only reason I have one is the looks (it still draws everyones attention) and the...
Me: Siri, I want to kill my unborn. Siri: I found your location and will call 911 to inform the nearest police station. Me: Siri, my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion. Siri: I found two shrinks nearby. Me: Siri, I'm pregnant and am not sure if I want to keep my baby. Siri: You might consider to visit a Planned Parenthood location. Me: Siri, I'm pregnant and am unsure about keeping my baby. Siri: You might consider visiting a Right to Life...
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