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Apple has been using saphire for camera lens and touch ID for how long? Could they have learned something about using sapphire by early this year? Apple invested $578 million with GTAT specifically for saphire production beginning in early this year. Signs point to using sapphire. We will soon find out.
Another use for sapphire cover glass.
Apple has 600 million credit card #s with their members in iTunes. Apple has been selling online to these 600 card holders so they already have complex software developed, Apple has iBeacons and related software, Apple has a patent on a mobile payment system with code developed or being developed, Apple was approached by PayPal for what I don't know. Facebook has .... Er um .... well ... users and um users they sell advertisers to.
@jfc1138 Siri it would appear does both. Holding down the home button & then releasing it to signal you have stopped talking is a manual method added in addition to the current method, according to the statement in the description. It states it is an alternative.
Because it has absolutely nothing to do with Football. oh, wait, wrong forum. On second thought, the SEC investigations are about as thorough as the SEC investigations.
Therein lies the difference between Apple & Google, one seeks ways to protect, one seeks ways to abuse privacy.
Sign me up. I take at least 100, my garage will be full.
Just for giggles Apple should develop an antimalware app for Android users and sell it on google's app store.
It might have something to do with the fact that Qualcom has 350 patents and Motorola only has … er um. …. wait let me check again … yup ONLY 16. You do the math.
Curious choice of code names. Why names of a car company Zenvo, a high performance car coach designer Zagato and a high performance car designer Bertone?
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