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Not the same. Totally different beast to develop a new thing vs. bringing a legacy protocol forward.Besides: Thunderbolt does NOT have a reversible plug, only Lightening does.
As long as people think iPhone displays they don't think AppleWatch, likely a planted rumor to distract from the watch... ...and lead competition astray.
The rounded edges mean you can't stand the device on its own on a table without an accessory, e.g. while showing a video clip: you either have to hold it, or need a stand of some sorts. iPhone 4 through 5s were able to stand on their own, either vertically or horizontally.
Way too expensive pricing. 1TB of disk space costs less than 3month subscription fee. So let's double the cost to account for bandwidth and electricity and assume a two year service life for hardware. That means 6 months pay for all the costs of two years of service. Even with a healthy profit margin Apple could slash these prices in half, after the don't pay retail and enjoy economies of scale in thei data centers. With the demise of Aperture and the push to shove all...
If the additional tracks on the physically released albums are not just gimmick out-takes, then we didn't get an album but an album-preview. I know, gift horse, etc. but it also pisses me off if chapters out of books, or single volumes of a contiguous series are listed as "free books" in the iTunes Store. These are previews, sample excerpts, etc. but not free books; and the same would apply here. So then the extra tracks would be album-only, and if you're into U2 you have...
Apple doesn't need to know, Amex, Visa, MasterCard know, and they'll just send Apple a daily deposit.Big companies like these get audited, and they are used to revenue sharing, so it's not like Apple needs to track individual transactions to get paid points.
Not sure why one would pay money to acquire a failed brand and then retain it. If there were key patents to be had, but path doesn't strike me as particularly unique in terms of technology, and brand is tarnished.
Apple would be better off to integrate with diaspora.org's software, have diaspora as a module of OS X Server. That would undermine the importance of these networks and truly do something for user privacy. If they want, the could also run diaspora on icloud.
The question is: will the watch "replace" what's missing from the iPhone 5/5s/5c and enable these models wirelessly with NFC or will it only act as a remote wrist relay for the iPhone 6/6+
People who understand computers don't like walled gardens due to security concerns.Trust is nice, control is better.Unless as an owner you have the option to access your own device as root, which allows monitoring processes and network connections, tracing the kernel, etc. you don't know what your device does.You would never know if your iOS device is a permanent bugging device for the NSA, because trusting Apple is nice, but useless in an age of gag orders.Particularly a...
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