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It seems to me that the enormous number of variables inherent to OS software makes bug & exploit catching a fairly herculean task.  Mistakes and misses will happen even when we strive to catch the bugs. I think saying "both flaws should not happen" casts people at Apple and Google in a bad light that they may not deserve.
What exactly is "adware"?
Isn't that a little like saying "Human beings should never make mistakes."?  Or saying that creative people should always assume that their work might be used for nefarious things, thus subverting the creative process by never doing anything new?
This is normal for Apple - it's how they have always done things regarding Macs.  They don't make commodity crap like other companies who update their shite every three months, so you're gonna have to wait if you want the real deal.  Or you could just buy what they make right now like normal people do.  When it comes to Macs, you don't wait for the latest, greatest thing - it just isn't worth the pain.
It will interesting to watch the R&D numbers if Apple are indeed engaged in a car project.  At some point the dollars will have to go up a HUGE amount to cover the costs of automotive research.  The car project might even be the reason they went up this quarter.
Not related to what?
And the stock has dropped 8% after hours. Mr. Market does not understand Apple, never will.
My wife's iPad was spontaneously crashing often until I installed 8.4 - now very stable.  Have you updated?
Beautiful design.  I hope any magnets used are not rare-earth.  There is a growing shortage and this would not be an appropriate use for them.
This is it in a nutshell.  Market share only really matters companies engaged in selling commodity products.  The margins re small so thy need to sell more and do it through attaining market share.  Reading comments in various investing and financial sites you would think that market share matters ore than anything - like you said a "traditional mindset" and a wrong headed one.  It matters very little to Apple and I doubt that market share is a frequent topic of discussion...
New Posts  All Forums: