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Some have mentioned Eizo without pointing to this monitor: http://www.eizoglobal.com/products/coloredge/cg318-4k/index.html   This will be the one to have if you are doing serious high dollar film/tv work. It displays full DCI 4K not that silly UHD format.  It won't be out until June probably and will come in under $5k.  I have used Eizo monitors in post production and they perform as claimed. Their calibration and setup features are exactly what pros expect and need....
X10 is long dead and has been replaced by numerous other standards, most of which use RF along with power line signaling. The price of the iDevice here is in line with prices of other home automation switches.   One thing I wonder about is the widespread selling of these units will create some problems when the uninformed attempt to install.  These devices come in two basic types: dim-able and relay switched. The dim-able ones use a solid state component to manipulate...
I agree employees should not be held, but I don't think it will get overturned with pro-business, anti-employee Republicans controlling things.
This is interesting to learn since Apple tends to focus on the future. They have no corporate museum because they don't dwell on past achievements. I wonder how the discussion went in the meeting where this barn was deigned worth preserving?
I also miss the 12 days of Whataburger. They had a ton of awesome freebies and bogos.
Most of those automated systems are fairly small in relation to the number of spaces Apple will need.  I looked at several manufacturers sites and the biggest ones were around 750 spaces - the biggest in the world is apparently only 1200 spaces.  Additionally, these systems are complex marvels that surely have maintenance costs orders of magnitude greater than a concrete garage.  Seems impractical for what Apple needs. My complaint is that the structures could be much more...
Advertising is psychological warfare designed to separate you from your money with the smallest expense to the seller. Thus users of Facebook and other such services are under constant mental attack.  It gets tiring after a while.
He doesn't need to yell. Apparently he has a disapproving gaze that can level a conference room like Godzilla levels Tokyo.
We thermally imaged what you did there.
I agree - there are people all over the world who live in houses that look and feel just like the inside of an Apple Store. It's just personal taste. Not everyone wants to live in an Apple Store and not everyone wants to live in a fake Victorian tract home.
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