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I did Apple support work for a brief time.  I trained as an At Home Advisor for a month and then took calls from customers for two weeks.  It was hell on earth.  Those of us who are curious and like to fiddle with and trouble shoot our phones are rare individuals.  Most phone users are oblivious to every single thing us techies take as common sense.  Plus let's face it, iOS is pretty deep and has a huge number of variables that cascade over each other, which makes...
I guess Macs have three options: Restart, Shutdown and unplug.  As far as I understand the phone only has shutdown and unplug (two button restart).  Restart or Shutdown in a Mac do have an orderly process - apps are quit and their state is saved.  The iPhone system is different and I think it constantly has a "saved state" of all apps so maybe the two button restart is somewhat similar to a Mac restart.  Except that the phone doesn't do an orderly power down of the CPU...
    As former Apple AHA I recommend you always try a "power off" first before a two button restart.  The forced restart is more violent from a system standpoint, and is akin to pulling the plug on a computer.  Holding the power button down and sliding to power off is a more structured method to solve various system issues.
You mean it won't launch or that you aren't satisfied with it's performance?
Yes.  The only way to remove the home button would be if they come up with a method that is equally convenient, reliable and elegant.  If a phone sans home button requires additional finger movements or gestures to achieve the same result, then it is a failure.
I see Wifi Assist as a refinement and improvement over the previous Wifi-to-LTE switching.  iPhones have always automatically moved from one network type to the other when the signal was weak.  In the past (pre iOS 9) I found that the handoff from Wifi to LTE was not very good and often caused certain apps to hang or lose data briefly.  Now, with Wifi assist, the handoff happens more smoothly with no hangs.  What I have observed however, is that the move from WiFI to LTE...
I don't see Waze as a "maps" app at all. My understanding is that it's sole purpose is to get you to a chosen destination in the least amount of time by using it's crowd source traffic data.  It doesn't really do anything but that one thing.   As to the new interface, it looks nice.  The maps are easier to read.  I haven't tried it on the road yet, but I don't anticipate any change from the previous version.
This sounds a bit like putting all your eggs in one basket. Say Apple commits to Intel's integrated modem and then goes with Intel for all chip fab. What happens if there is a fabrication problem?  What happens if a modem problem surfaces after phone are built?  The impact on Apple would be enormous.  Apple could potentially be without a product to sell for an extended time if Intel screws up - which they have done in the past.
Sounds like the bigger risk might exposure to extremely powerful radio waves at close range in order to make this stupid attack work at all. If it worked via something small like a walkie talkie that might be one thing, but the requirement of a backpack or van sized apparatus in order to generate enough voltage in the headphone wires to trigger Siri is just plain silly.
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