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Not related to what?
And the stock has dropped 8% after hours. Mr. Market does not understand Apple, never will.
My wife's iPad was spontaneously crashing often until I installed 8.4 - now very stable.  Have you updated?
Beautiful design.  I hope any magnets used are not rare-earth.  There is a growing shortage and this would not be an appropriate use for them.
This is it in a nutshell.  Market share only really matters companies engaged in selling commodity products.  The margins re small so thy need to sell more and do it through attaining market share.  Reading comments in various investing and financial sites you would think that market share matters ore than anything - like you said a "traditional mindset" and a wrong headed one.  It matters very little to Apple and I doubt that market share is a frequent topic of discussion...
I've been using Waze for 6 months or so now and I cannot figure out how one is supposed to use those features safely while driving.  The only time I have used them is when there is another person in the car who can interact with the phone.  Plus In Austin we now have a ban on cell phone use while driving so that makes it even harder.
True, but they did it on a tablet no one uses.  There are more in landfills than in peoples hands.  Apple has done it with a great deal of sophistication on a tablet many tens of millions of people are using.  That actually matters.
We seem to be laying the infrastructure for the day when some fool actually creates Skynet.
Got it, thanks for the additional info.  Heh heh heh heh, he said OS2.
As you may have learned reading all the posts after yours, Mac do indeed dual boot and also run stable, eminently usable virtual Windows environments simultaneously with the Mac OS.  Nearly all Windows apps will run on a Mac one way or the other. Macs can also boot into Linux, that but is more difficult simply because it's Linux.
New Posts  All Forums: