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Oh great, Apple is dealing with this guy.    
Naturally you had cloned your drive before the update so you could revert to the previous OS, right?
I have never heard any B&W product that did not impress. One of my more fond audio memories was listening to a pair of B&W 801s hooked up to 500 watt per channel amps and sourced to a Thorens TD-124 turntable. Just breathtaking.
 "You know, just because you go to Burning Man doesn't make you Hunter S. Thomspon." I like this guy.  A very intelligent dick.  But I think Apple probably has a lot of dicks working at the higher levels.  It just that they are smarter, more polite and hip than your run-of-the-mill dick.  You don't get to be as big and successful as Apple by being dickless.
Let's not forget that time Windows NT took down a Navy ship.  It had to be towed by to port.
Good question. On phones I typically spray it on a microfiber cloth or non-marring towelette and then wipe the phone. This would not activate the moisture detectors.
Omnicleanz from Radtech.  I've used it for years at home and work and it never disappoints.  I clean screens, keyboards, computer exteriors and phone exteriors with it.   http://www.radtech.us/products/omnicleanzIt is non-conductive, non-toxic, bio-degradable and odorless.  Personally, I think it is nothing but extreme high purity water that has been de-ionized to parts per trillion or something like that.  Water is the universal solvent after all.
I thought about that.  I know that consumer silicone caulking produces acetic acid as it cures - which would be very undesirable inside a phone case.  I wonder if there are other types of silicone gels/pastes that can cure without the acid by product?
That case gasket is very tiny and thin. I wonder how it is put in place during assembly? Robots or human? Seem that such a thing would be very difficult to handle and install correctly every time.
I have a Mid 2010 15" MBP otherwise known as the "Edsel of Macs". Many of these computers had a defect in the Nvidia graphics card, many did not. My computer never exhibited the defect. That is, it didn't until I installed Yosemite. I started getting GPU panics and the computer crashes. I have the gfxCardStatus app installed that let's me force the computer to the Intel motherboard chipset and the crashes stop. Of course any decent graphics performance stops as well....
New Posts  All Forums: