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You have to upgrade it in-app.  Go to the "Folders" screen and you'll see "Upgrade" in the upper right corner, just below "Edit".
Notes Plus is an excellent sketch and note taking app for iOS.  Apple should buy them and incorporate the tech into Notes.  My wife recently started using Notes Plus on her iPad at work and it has saved her a lot of time.  She finds the conversion of handwriting to text very useful.  Also the PDF markup. BTW they are having a 50% off sale on October 2 - 24 hours only.
Every year when the teardowns arrive, I am struck by the appearance of the iPhone insides. They resemble what I as a teenager imagined alien tech would look like.
The list of 1Password supported apps is pathetic.  Almost no big names there.  Agile Bits needs to do a better job of getting their message out to developers.  I saw only one app in the list that I use.
Those liability problems can be lessened or eliminated through concerted effort lobbying legislatures to enact favorable laws.  Many companies have done this over the years. Southwestern Bell, now AT&T, has along history of spending millions to make billions by writing their own laws and paying politicians to pass them.  One campaign in Texas cost them a few million to run and netted them $900 million.  Car companies, both old and new, will do this to make the entry of...
I agree.  The whole self-driving car concept is not something to be taken lightly. Bringing them to the market will not only be fraught with danger (for companies and the public), but it will take place over a very, very long timeframe.  Think about how many cars there are in just the U.S., and how many roads, and intersections and bridges and tunnels and so on.  Then think about all the humans in normal cars interacting with all that infrastructure, sometimes in stupid...
I updated 1 phone and two iPads without issue.  However, I always tell iTunes to download the install file separately first. Then I do the install after that has finished.  Not sure if this matters one bit, but I have never had OS install issues with any iOS device.   I worked for Apple on iOS customer support a few years back, and doing a restore from backup was the standard procedure after the few easy fixes had been attempted. I was astonished how many people had...
My 5 has been a bit hinky today.  It has gotten hung up several times doing standard menu activities.  I did a power off/on just now and am waiting to see if it is any better.
I had 20GB annually billed in March. I selected the 50GB option today and got a bill for $0.99 immediately. Do I not get prorated the amount I already paid?
Yes true, and consider that Helvetica was designed a very long time ago.  Things have been learned since then about readability and character form.  I have to wear reading glasses but it is impractical to put them on every time I whip out my phone.  So I have the text set to a larger size on the phone.  I also had it bolded until today.  I find the San Francisco easier to read and the keyboard case shift a much better design.  It's a win for me.
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