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And this:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/billions-of-android-apps-vulnerable-to-hackers-2015-02-27
 So you had to look up one of the world's more significant film directors to learn who he was?  Please stick to your Downton Abbey reruns.
  You seem to think it is admirable of Toyota to place a substandard system in their vehicles. Toyota is known (rightly or wrongly) for quality. My point is that they very much put no emphasis on the quality of their sound/navigation systems which to me is inconsistent with their reputation. That is short sighted on their part, as is the shunning of CarPlay.  I understand your position regarding safety and distractions caused by loud music or complex dashboard electronics....
Toyota is not known for caring about car sound/navigation at all. Even in the Lexus line the sound systems are fairly boring.
Don't be silly - no regulation or law is airtight or perfectly enforceable.  When regulations are created everyone knows there will be idiots who test them.  That's why there are fines and penalties.  The risks really lie with ordinary people who are not purposefully engaging in dangerous activities.  If there are many tens of thousands of people flying drones every day, the potential for serious accidents rises dramatically.  If there are strict rules and regulations that...
I don't really believe Apple would choose to make a car. If they did however, it would have to be the most sexy, beautiful, riveting vehicle anyone has ever seen. If it was not, it would be considered a fail by all the naysayers, the stock would tank massively and the project would likely fail. The stakes may be too high even for Apple. We know how people gin up unreasonable expectations for regular Apple products. Just imagine how out of control it would be for a car....
I do wonder if Apple might be planning an upgrade feature for the internals of the watches? Say in a couple of years they have a new computer module. You could bring the watch to a store and they swap in the new guts, for a not so nominal fee.  Poof, new watch that continues to live on much like a Rolex or Patek Philippe would.
That is a nicely composed shot that totally shows how the watch can be accessorized and coordinated with outfits. The white watch band coordinates with the white stripe on the shirt and the shorts. Fashion conscious people will love the ability to easily change bands to fit how they are dressing. The are tons of people who spend a lot of money on their clothes and accessories. FYI Burberry is a $2 billion company that had a lot of success and growth under Ahrendts. I think...
LoopPay. All I can think of is George Costanza and his interaction with Lupe. I hope Samsung likes a tight tuck.  
Have you ever been on a street where businesses are required to use ground level signage? No tall signs allowed. It brings your eyes down and opens up sight lines and can make even a shabby street look just a bit better. I agree, human scale is best for humans since most of us are.
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