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So one integrated, common platform system means that when it goes down, everything goes down? That does not seem like and improvement.
I'm terrible at navigating cellular plans and payment systems. My Dad has 4 people on an AT&T Family plan. We been on it for a long time and it is "unlimited". Any time one of us gets a new phone we are careful to not let them change the plan in any way so we don't undo the unlimited data. He pays $261 a month, divided by four is $65 per person. What no one has mentioned is how much you have to pay a company such as AT&T when you want to use an unlocked phone. I...
There has actually been a lot of innovation and changes happening in automotive assembly the last few years.  BMW with the i3, VW has it's MLB and MQB strategies that remove complexity from the assembly chain, Toyota (as someone mentioned) has a streamlined method.  All are different from old school assembly chains and benefit from robotics and just in time practices.   It just might be the right time for Apple to jump in since the industry is already changing.  Besides...
I was a video editor for 20 years. Every system I used had a Wacom pen/tablet device. They were a joy to use and were rock solid. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a version of Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro utilizing the Apple Pencil? That could be a big deal to a lot of people in film and advertising. Fun Fact: In my experience pen & tablet input devices don't cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
Double backups for one.
My account is billed annually
For me this is a great deal and sorely needed.  I have 4 devices backed up on iCloud and pay for the 20 gb.  Adding 30 gb allow me to include more things in the backups and iCloud Drive. Thanks Apple.
This will fix your lack of audio output issue: http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10251
Seeing the Microsoft guys there and the nice features of the iPad Office apps, I have to wonder if something has changed at MS in their attitude towards Apple.  I bet the new leader has told his minions to stop treating Apple as an enemy and to find ways of cooperating with them, thus profiting.
New Posts  All Forums: