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He probably had that moment that so many men do around age 30-35.  He looked in the mirror and thought "What the hell have I been doing all these years?"  When you have that moment, you usually change some things.
Does anyone rely on Russia for anything and actually sleep well at night?  I mean really, there is no other technically advanced country as unreliable as Russia.
Seems like a solid entry into the home automation arena. I've been using Insteon for years and have a fairly extensive setup using Indigo on a Mac Mini to control my system.  It is very stable and The Indigo Mac app is very capable. They also provide an iOS app for remote access away from home which also works we.  I have Insteon water leak detectors on the washer and the ice maker which can send me texts if there is a leak.   I hope Apple and their partners like iHome...
Apple's first car will not be "self-driving".  That tech will be in development for quite some time yet, regardless of what the Internet thinks or what car maker P.R. flacks blather on about.  Then, it will be in legal limbo for an even longer time while governments try to figure out how to deal with deployment, insurance, fault responsibility etc.  Then there is the whole public acceptance issue - what a mess that will be.   Yes it's all very exciting, but I don't see...
Two words: Little Snitch.
It seems to me that the enormous number of variables inherent to OS software makes bug & exploit catching a fairly herculean task.  Mistakes and misses will happen even when we strive to catch the bugs. I think saying "both flaws should not happen" casts people at Apple and Google in a bad light that they may not deserve.
What exactly is "adware"?
Isn't that a little like saying "Human beings should never make mistakes."?  Or saying that creative people should always assume that their work might be used for nefarious things, thus subverting the creative process by never doing anything new?
This is normal for Apple - it's how they have always done things regarding Macs.  They don't make commodity crap like other companies who update their shite every three months, so you're gonna have to wait if you want the real deal.  Or you could just buy what they make right now like normal people do.  When it comes to Macs, you don't wait for the latest, greatest thing - it just isn't worth the pain.
It will interesting to watch the R&D numbers if Apple are indeed engaged in a car project.  At some point the dollars will have to go up a HUGE amount to cover the costs of automotive research.  The car project might even be the reason they went up this quarter.
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