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Just curious.  Has anyone proposed an actual method for cracking Apple Pay?  Seems like it would be extraordinarily difficult and might require a flunky inside one of the banks in order to breach it.   I love the idea of Apple Pay and will probably use it when I get a 6.  However, we all know the "experts" say there is no such thing as unbreakable security in the cyber world. I wonder if that is absolutely true?
Yes indeed, I was thinking of evolutionary change. 
Yeah this is why I really dislike so many of the machinations of the business world. It's all vaguely deceptive, sneaky and smells bad even though it is entirely legal.  Given a problem to solve, my brain innately looks for the simple, straightforward and honest way to solve it.  Business people never do that and instead look for the "advantage" that benefits them first, and the company second and maybe even the customer (not usually).  The competitive world is the realm...
Surprising to see FORTRAN still so high on the list. That was the language that sent me screaming away from the idea that I could ever understand anything about programming.
He didn't save the company. There was one single manufacturing plant scheduled to close, that remained open to make Gorilla glass. Corning is, and was, a healthy company with a long history of innovation in many fields.
Here's a for instance: My Dad loves his iPhone and he is 83 years old. He has been in Apple stores many times.  If he were to go on a crazy busy day and needed to wait a while for a service, he might appreciate a place to sit.
Sapphire screens seem to be unnecessary at this point, particularly since Gorilla Glass keeps getting better. I know Apple likes to use materials that offer something special and have an advantage, but sapphire doesn't really seem to fit the bill.
Some have mentioned Eizo without pointing to this monitor: http://www.eizoglobal.com/products/coloredge/cg318-4k/index.html   This will be the one to have if you are doing serious high dollar film/tv work. It displays full DCI 4K not that silly UHD format.  It won't be out until June probably and will come in under $5k.  I have used Eizo monitors in post production and they perform as claimed. Their calibration and setup features are exactly what pros expect and need....
X10 is long dead and has been replaced by numerous other standards, most of which use RF along with power line signaling. The price of the iDevice here is in line with prices of other home automation switches.   One thing I wonder about is the widespread selling of these units will create some problems when the uninformed attempt to install.  These devices come in two basic types: dim-able and relay switched. The dim-able ones use a solid state component to manipulate...
I agree employees should not be held, but I don't think it will get overturned with pro-business, anti-employee Republicans controlling things.
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