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It really is amazing.  All of the thousands of little details and changes between models.  I can't comprehend how anyone can keep track of all that and still have a good product outcome.  Humans can be impressive sometimes.   However, this won't move me away from the basic assertion of my personal motto: Human beings, no damn good.  
I think you might be right.  SWA is still very PC centric internally as far as I know.  Most big companies are.
I agree.  Steve "managed" AT&T into a sweet carrier deal for the original iPhone and that paid off big time.  This IBM deal could be similar in scope and payoff for Apple over the long term. IBM was probably easier to deal with than those AT&T asswipes.
I used to do a lot of editing work on SWA tv spots for their ad agency.  I sometimes got interesting inside information about SWA from the agency people.  I learned that Southwest is unrelentingly PC centric so I'm not surprised they made the wrong decision on tablets.  They must have a bunch of elderly IT managers and directors.  I'm surprised they don't require Internet Exploder to access their website.
Microsoft can pair up with Novell and . . .  wait.  Never mind.
The biggest segment of the population susceptible to this sort of scam is the elderly.  Judging from the people I meet in my mother-in-law's retirement complex I see why criminals target the old folks, both on computers and via telephone.  They just don't get any of this, but that doesn't diminish their desire to be part of the modern world.  Even my 84 year old Dad who is pretty smart (petrochemical engineer) fell for a phone call from an India based company that called...
I noticed that a location error I had reported several times over the last year or so, is now fixed.  Not sure if it took so long because I was the only one complaining or if it represents an increased effort on their part.  Either way, good to see it corrected.
I think Gore is fine on the board, other than he is getting older and younger blood is probably needed. As to his or any other member's lack of tech background - it doesn't matter.  That is not why the board is there.   BTW I've always wanted to make this joke:   "Gore!  Klaatu barada nikto."
It wasn't that long ago that people worried a lot about robots replacing workers in a big way here in the US.   Of course that didn't happen, we just sent all the jobs to other countries.  Now robots are threatening jobs in those countries for real.  It will be very interesting to see how the workforce there reacts when (or if) robots begin to put people out of work in significant numbers.   Like the Kaiser Chiefs said, "I predict a riot."
Aren't high smart phones (real ones anyway) starting to saturate in the more affluent markets?  Seems like it would make sense for Apple to create a product 1) that existing phone owners would want to buy because it adds value to their phone and 2) that would entice new customers to buy a phone to fully enjoy the new experience.  Not to mention a product that might even encourage customers to buy a Mac as well.   Seems to me that this new device might be sort of a...
New Posts  All Forums: