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Has anyone ever reported a problem to Apple regarding map data and actually seen the problem rectified?  I have reported the same issue with a parking garage in downtown Austin at least 6 times since Apple Maps made its debut.  Nothing, no change.  Still shows the Littlefield Parking Garage located at the Littlefield building, which is incorrect.  It is in fact across a street and around a corner.  Google has the location right and furthermore has the name of the garage...
When I was briefly an Apple At Home Advisor last year, restoring devices was the recommended "fix" way more often then you might think.
I my household we have a happy messy mix of iPhones, iPads, a Mac Mini (media server and security cam recorder) and a 2010 MBP.  I find I still use the lappy as my primary system and "second screen" for my massive amount of TV watching.  But the iPad Air and iPad 4 are still in that mix every day.  My wife has the Air and uses it constantly since I rarely give up the MBP.  For now this mix works perfectly.  In the future I'm not sure what we'll use as the MBP ages.
I think it would very interesting to see actual jewelry from Apple.  Designed by Ive and his team it would command a premium and would surely be beautiful.  I'm talking gems and precisous metal only - no electronics.  There are numerous specialty jewelry makers out there and like someone mentioned, the margins are amazing.  It would also serve to build the luxury component of the Apple brand.  The pure jewelry could even match or coordinate with the electronic jewelry of...
Careful with that drone kid.  You'll put yer eye out!
You do have to wonder how they got so far apart.  One thing I saw an agency do once when they had an unhappy client, was to create two isolated creative teams that competed against each other for the clients approval.  The people on the two teams didn't talk to each other and came up with differing approaches.  The client got some new ideas and the agency got a better relationship with them.
FFS Microsoft, can't you leave anything alone?  Cortana?  First of all, just stupid to use a Halo name for a mass market product.  And B, just pathetic that executives thought that would be really "cool" or "neato" to use that name.  Lamers.
I'm so glad I'm unemployed and hopefully never have to use "office" software ever again.
Typical BS from Windows IT people.  I worked at a video post house for 20 years and we had to fight with the main office on a regular basis to keep them from converting us to Windows.  One time they bought two PCs and switched our Avids to the Windows version.  The two editors hated it and had tons of problems.  So then the company had to buy two new Macs with the proper version of Avid since the editors were not getting work done on the PCs.  Additionally, I eventually...
They couldn't salvage all that glass to be recycled?
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