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Indigo is a Mac only home automation app/server that already does much of what people have been discussing in this thread.  Not everything, but it gets the job done.  I use it with a Mac Mini and a bunch of Insteon devices to do a number of fairly simple things with lighting mostly.  I recently added two Insteon water leak detectors that can send me email and text messages through Messages when something is leaking in the kitchen or the laundry closet.  There are a ton of...
It is exceedingly rare for companies to have successful in-house advertising departments. There are a lot of reasons for the failures that inevitably occur, but the biggest one is that the creatives are not left alone. Every red-butt VP and division manager thinks they know what makes a good ad and tend to interfere with the creative process. However, the ads Apple created themselves are pretty good and have decent metrics.  Naturally, Apple would be the one company to...
That seems highly unlikely. I worked for Apple iOS support last year and there was nothing but more hiring on the horizon and more emphasis on direct human help. They were just starting a big push to use their Remote Desktop type system for control of customers computers to help with iTunes issues. That is a very hands on, human based support paradigm.
I think it would be great to visit and tour this building.  Personally I would not enjoy working in a structure that size.  
Love the pic of phones sitting unattended on that counter.  Does anyone do that?  My phone is in my hand or in my pocket 99% of the time when outside the home.
Most of my credit cards are extremely hard to read - the numbers are metallic and reflective or the same color as the background.  However, I just used my iPhone 5 camera to view some of the cards.  Amazingly much of the data can be read - although the shiny letters on the Amex make my name pretty hard to read.  Maybe the camera will have a special mode when scanning cards?  High contrast maybe?
Just because you say it, does not mean it is true.  Did you mean to say "timeless"?
Don't you think that on Monday, early, there will be a lot of movement - probably both up and down?  This will be due to emotions and excitement, not news or performance.
This is definitely true and becoming more so as things swing to the extreme right.  In Texas the wing nuts spend a lot of time trying to dumb down the education system.  http://www.therevisionariesmovie.com
Who are Gisele and Tom Brady?
New Posts  All Forums: