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Fonts have long been the culprits in system and app crashes in all computer systems. I've seen bad fonts crash a Mac or Final Cut or Avid or Photoshop. Can't even remember how many times I went looking for and found bad fonts. I used to have an app for that, but don't remember it's name. A font is a messy thing with all sorts little details about each character. If one tiny detail is off, or wrong - poof! Yer down.
This really isn't surprising. Apple has never given networking the attention it needs. I managed a post house full of Macs, Xserves, Linux machines and PCs. While networking on the Macs < generally > was okay, there were problems. Particularly as Apple "improved" things by dropping Samba. We kept things very simple with all Macs running in an admin account. We did not use Active Directory until I tried using the Xserves to host some Wiki stuff. That was fun. Anyway...
What color is the sky in your world?
Ah yes a Mini would make sense for the reasons you say and we could use his existing monitor.   Yes at 85 this might be an ordeal.  I haven't proposed it to him yet, probably this weekend.
Thanks, good information.  I'll ask him about the laptop idea - he might like that.
Looking for some general input here. My dad is 85 and uses a Windows PC. He has an iPhone that he syncs to it along with my mom's iPad. He is becoming a little less able to manage the computer and I am not a Windows person. I used to work with XP systems years ago, but I know little about the newer versions. When he has issues, I struggle to fix them - because, you know, Windows. Macs I have used, installed and maintained for decades, thus the desire to switch him.  Plus...
 This is why I fear Apple stock. I own a small amount however and probably always will, but I do buy AND sell. The market views Apple through emotional and irrational colored glasses.  Bad news gets massive overreactions and good news often gets ignored.  I was concerned that Jobs death would tank the stock, but he handled the power transfer so deftly that it was avoided.  Cook is really good and has probably stabilized the stock, but any actual, serious bad news might...
The Dynamite! It appears to have gone BOOM!
I wonder is Apple gets any feedback information when there is a problem?  It would be nice to see Apple putting heat on vendors who don't hold up their end.
I'm wondering about the trees/shrubs seen inside the entrance in those drawings.  I don't see any roof openings or glass to let light in.  Maybe it's just not shown in the drawing?  Trees need outrageous amounts of light to grow properly - not really efficient to do it with artificial lighting.  
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