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 Months or even years.  When I was operations manager of a post production facility we NEVER upgraded the OS until we had good feedback that it was working well with our profit center softwares: Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid, After Effects etc.  Most post facilities are loath to upgrade because they cannot afford to have problems with their money making systems.  Nor do they want to have technical issues while clients are in the room.  There are still facilities out there...
There is a long history in industrial design of using plastic as a valuable, respected material instead of just a cheap material.  The high end use of plastic is somewhat of a niche in the design world and thus not well known to the masses.  A small Italian company called Kartell has been making high style plastic furniture products since the 60s.  When the original gumdrop iMac was released there were some who said it looked like a Kartell product.  Kartell had made...
 I too have found that the pen/tablet is much easier on the body than a mouse.  I have used one form of pen/tablet for more than 25 years (including one that had a wire coming out of the pen!).  Only a mouse causes me any pain.  I briefly worked as an At Home Advisor for Apple and their ergo department gave me the stink-eye when I brought up my theory about tablets vs. mice.  But I quit that job after 6 weeks so the mouse they made me use didn't have much time to mess me up.
 Applecare + has a 30 day window as well, but you have to submit to a phone diagnostic to prove that it in good condition.
The coolest thing Rubin ever did IMO was put his Welsh Terrier on the web via an early webcam back around his Web-TV days.  Here is a clip of Alex the Welsh Terrier in the Android offices having some more Rubin facilitated fun.   https://plus.google.com/+AndyRubin/posts/6GfMiy73w71
Is it just me or does this land parcel look like it's in a low spot terrain wise? Like may be prone to flooding during some freakish weather event?
I have also imagined a Lightning connector that fits fully inside the device so that if the device falls only the cable takes the impact.  The hard inflexible parts of the connector are inside the phone.  A lot of Lightning sockets get damaged when the outer body of the connector gets impacted or torqued.  By moving the rigid parts of the connector inside the phone, only the cable and it's strain relief would suffer the forces of impact.  I know this idea creates an...
Does anything ever get recalled in China?  Their industrial/tech economy is so young, that they haven't yet developed the "safety culture" that western nations have.  It is also possible that cultural differences may prevent them from ever developing one.  I guess those of us in other countries have to protect ourselves from dangerous Chinese products - they certainly can't seem to do it.
It still throws me when people standing next to me start talking loudly on their BT earpiece.  I'm not exposed to people doing that much so I have not become inured to it.  Glass will face this challenge for quite some time.  Just like Larry David:     Nonetheless, I think Glass has a chance to find a small, specialized niche and to serve as a unique development experiment.
You should be using beverage grade CO2 for your Sodastream instead of that contaminated shite at the paintball store.  From the web:   "Food Grade" is QVL H. It is technically not Food Grade, it is Food Processing Grade. Beverage Grade/Quality (ISBT/CGA G-6.2 QVL I) mandates many more impurities be removed that are not even checked in QVL H such as: Benzene (yes BENZENE), ammonia, phosphine, much lower levels of sulfur and acetaldehyde both of which will affect...
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