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I agree that Apple was surely surprised.  While it's true that Apple makes a lot of difficult and even onerous demands of their vendors, the one thing none of them are going to provide or allow is free access to the financials and numbers of the day to day operations.  The only thing any company is going to give Apple is highly sanitized and polished statements.  The only time a company would give anyone full access is when a takeover/purchase is happening.  So yeah Apple...
You haven't met many human beings have you?  First, the "best practices" you mention are not at all known to the average device using person.  Trust me, they don't know such things even exist, so how would they find them or even know to look for them?  Second, never forget that, at all times, half the population is on the LEFT side of the IQ bell curve.
Everyone who uses Apple Pay should always complain to retailers who don't accept it.  They make you get out your card?  Be sure and tell them you prefer Apple Pay and that next time you'll shop elsewhere.
I have an iPhone 3 that went in the washer for a several minutes - soap and all.  The screen has some weird clouding, but the phone works.  I still use it as an alarm clock/music player/remote control.
Glad I don't Reddit - whatever that is.
I found a nice looking Seraphin crocodile Nubuck jacket for 27,500 euro, er I mean $34,870.
This seems to mesh with some of the speculation that the Edition watch will sell for $4000 plus, putting well into the high end fashion watch realm. Pairing it with couture fashion makes sense. Correction: Colette is not couture. Expensive I think, but not super high fashion. So maybe not the Edition Apple Watch. In March of this year a Colette boutique was robbed of $825,000 in goods (primarily watches), so I guess their stuff is pricey.
Chrysler acknowledged the issue by changing the steering wheel and adding a damper.  The Canadian government found a steering oscillation problem in the cars (same as CR) that they queried Chrysler over - wanting to know what they were going to do about it. Is CR infallible?  No and no one says they are.  I have found car people to be the most vocal, hateful and irrational towards CR.  Sometimes they have a point, most of the time they don't.  They are just miffed that...
  I'll thank you not to make assumptions about my opinion of CR.  It has not changed recently or ever.  My point was larger than just this forum.  I don't understand why some many dismiss anything CR says - seemingly based solely on emotional judgements.  I see them as just another information resource to be used along with many others in making any sort of purchase decision.
I am again surprised at the Internet rage directed at Consumer Reports.  Wherever you go the CR haters are turned up to 11.  What is the deal?
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