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I forget where the parking is located.  It's not under the main building is it?   The reason I ask is that I worked in the building housing Whole Foods world headquarters which has a multi level parking garage beneath.  Once or twice a year a car catches on fire in the garage and the entire building has to be evacuated.  That would be exceedingly disruptive to the Apple workflow inside the "ring".
Seems like a real visionary leader would be able to recognize that MS needs to create an entirely new OS from scratch that has no relationship to Windows. Create a team isolated from any and all Windows groups and give them the money and carte blanche to get the task done. Build an integrated phone/tablet OS while your at it since PCs are becoming secondary to those devices. As it stands now MS has the cash to do a Manhattan Project like this. In a few years that might...
Fabulous assumption on your part, but wrong.  I had never really considered working for Apple as I am not an engineer or software designer.  My previous employer went out of business so I started looking in earnest for something that was a fit.  I found a job in customer service at Apple.  Turns out I'm not well suited for call center work.  
There's giving up and there's cutting your losses.  I took a job with Apple on July 1st of last year.  I quit on August 12th.  There way no way staying at that job was going to be good for me or for Apple.  Cut my losses, moved on.
These iPhone 5 ear pods sound fine for me, but they hurt my ears after a fairly short amount of time.  Not from loudness, but from the hard plastic.  It would be unfortunate if Apple used this design for it's sensor pods.  I did a little searching and apparently many people find them painful.
I want the exact opposite.  If anyone you don't know or approve wants to email you, they cannot.  Surely this would not be hard to implement.
Some thoughts:   1) He is from a culture utterly different from the west.  Who here in the west knows the intricacies of Vietnamese cultural standards and mores? 2) He lives in a totally different society from the west.  Particularly where government, law, business and money is concerned.  Again, few here in this forum are likely to know much about what daily life is like in current day Vietnam.  Or how tech businesses work there.  Technology growth and development has...
Woz jumped the shark when he started playing Segway Polo.
 Stock buybacks are a gimmick.
Stock buybacks are a gimmick: 
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