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Here's a great little essay by Patton Oswalt regarding stealing of ideas that is weirdly parallel to the patent discussion our little thread:   A CLOSED LETTER TO MYSELF ABOUT THIEVERY, HECKLING AND RAPE JOKES
Naw, $6k - $8k in any useful configuration.
Man you got that right.  Really excellent marketing and advertising are hard to find.  Bad advertising is everywhere.   Some have suggested giving part of the Apple business to another "hungry" agency.  That does work sometimes.  However, doing business with Apple is very difficult and very expensive.  The Media lab at TWBA/Chiat/Day is an example.  They are in a separate building with Apple style security.  The people there are held to the same security standards as...
Yes.  Like the time Steve made Jony design the desk lamp iMac after being "inspired" by sunflowers in the garden.
This enclosure you suggest could be essentially the same chassis and enclosure used for the Mac Pro.  It could come with extra GPUs or filled with SSD cards.  Connect via TB and voila!  And it matches.
Couple of comments I found today regarding the power of this computer:   First from Adobe on CreativeCow.net:  Then from Black Magic:     Not bad.  Obviously some people in the pro industry are not concerned.
BTW wasn't Craig's presentation really excellent?  I like the humor and his relaxed demeanor.  He seems to be the rockstar of Keynote presenters.
People need to understand that at this level of client/agency interaction, the ad guys are truly insiders.  They are allowed to know things that only the highest of the higher ups know.  They know about new products before they are released, they know about long term plans, they know a tremendous amount about the companies they have accounts with.  It's the only way they can do their jobs.   Plus keep in mind that ad guys are not like normal people.  They really do...
Coworker once knocked his iPod to the floor (old hard drive model) and it naturally quit working.  He took it to the store and said "I just stopped working." and they gave him a new one.  And this was a guy who was a lifetime Apple user and evangelist.  Completely lowered my opinion of him a couple of notches.
It would be politically unwise of Apple to be uncooperative with law enforcement.  Charging too much or even at all might create backlash in congress.  Particularly from the law and order types.
New Posts  All Forums: