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I wonder is Apple gets any feedback information when there is a problem?  It would be nice to see Apple putting heat on vendors who don't hold up their end.
I'm wondering about the trees/shrubs seen inside the entrance in those drawings.  I don't see any roof openings or glass to let light in.  Maybe it's just not shown in the drawing?  Trees need outrageous amounts of light to grow properly - not really efficient to do it with artificial lighting.  
Yawn. Some browsers were hacked - again. 
Loser #1: I've got an Asus! Smart guy: Of course you have an Asus.  Otherwise how would you poop?   Loser #2: I've got a Lenovo. Smart guy: No you don't. The last Lenovo was seen in Borneo in 1887 and is now extinct.   Loser #3: I've got a Dell Smart guy: You misspelled that, it starts with an "H".
Ah yes, the 12" G4 MiniMe. It was my very first Mac laptop and it was so sweet.  I used it for SEVEN years until it was replaced by my current Mid 2010 15" MBP.
I tweeted this to Michael Hiltzik:     And he blocked me.  Everyone should do the same - this guy is a big baby.
And this:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/billions-of-android-apps-vulnerable-to-hackers-2015-02-27
 So you had to look up one of the world's more significant film directors to learn who he was?  Please stick to your Downton Abbey reruns.
  You seem to think it is admirable of Toyota to place a substandard system in their vehicles. Toyota is known (rightly or wrongly) for quality. My point is that they very much put no emphasis on the quality of their sound/navigation systems which to me is inconsistent with their reputation. That is short sighted on their part, as is the shunning of CarPlay.  I understand your position regarding safety and distractions caused by loud music or complex dashboard electronics....
Toyota is not known for caring about car sound/navigation at all. Even in the Lexus line the sound systems are fairly boring.
New Posts  All Forums: