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I do wonder if Apple might be planning an upgrade feature for the internals of the watches? Say in a couple of years they have a new computer module. You could bring the watch to a store and they swap in the new guts, for a not so nominal fee.  Poof, new watch that continues to live on much like a Rolex or Patek Philippe would.
That is a nicely composed shot that totally shows how the watch can be accessorized and coordinated with outfits. The white watch band coordinates with the white stripe on the shirt and the shorts. Fashion conscious people will love the ability to easily change bands to fit how they are dressing. The are tons of people who spend a lot of money on their clothes and accessories. FYI Burberry is a $2 billion company that had a lot of success and growth under Ahrendts. I think...
LoopPay. All I can think of is George Costanza and his interaction with Lupe. I hope Samsung likes a tight tuck.  
Have you ever been on a street where businesses are required to use ground level signage? No tall signs allowed. It brings your eyes down and opens up sight lines and can make even a shabby street look just a bit better. I agree, human scale is best for humans since most of us are.
 All of the Japanese carmakers have design disabilities. It's rare for them to make a car that actually looks good or innovative. Most of their cars appear either committee designed or pulled out of someone's butt.
RC vehicles of the past were of infinitesimal impact on safety, privacy and security. Drones are enough of a leap in capability, capacity and popularity that they are different. The use and abuse of drones is exploding and something needs to be done before something bad happens. It would be better to regulate now instead for waiting for a passenger jet to go down into a neighborhood because a drone takes out an engine during takeoff. The proposed regulations are not hyper...
I think I now know what Marc Newson is working on.
I also have been using Apple products since before 1984. I also find the entire iCloud photo, music whatever system to be a bit clunky and confusing. I am a tech oriented person and even worked for Apple doing iOS phone support for a while. It is astonishing how many ways people find to mess up their iCloud storage and options. I am amused by some on this thread who think that every iPhone user should be able to set up anything and everything in their phones. That they...
Just curious.  Has anyone proposed an actual method for cracking Apple Pay?  Seems like it would be extraordinarily difficult and might require a flunky inside one of the banks in order to breach it.   I love the idea of Apple Pay and will probably use it when I get a 6.  However, we all know the "experts" say there is no such thing as unbreakable security in the cyber world. I wonder if that is absolutely true?
Yes indeed, I was thinking of evolutionary change. 
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