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The example I found for that definition was: "a turgid and fast-moving river"synonyms: swollen, distended, tumescent, engorged, bloated, tumid More So it can be used to describe water, but as I said earlier, it's an ugly word for such pretty water.
While one can use "turgid" in this sense, it's not exactly a pretty word.
Makes sense.  However, if someone had my laptop, and my iCloud login, they could then remotely erase my iPhones and iPads yes?
I have a question. I have used two step authentication for some time now. If I am logging in to the Apple ID management page using Safari, it goes through the process and sends me a text with a code. However, if I log into to iCloud in Safari, it does not engage the two step auth. Why is that?
Indeed there are devices available.  I have been using low level home automation with X10 and now Insteon for more than a decade.  I now can control most of my lighting with my iPhone from anywhere via Indigo.  I can also view security cameras on the phone.  There are two distinct markets for home automation and Apple.  One is the retrofit like I have done.  it is sometimes messy, but it works.  However, it is not for people who don't like to fiddle around with tech...
I worked for a post production company and we bought the old Mac Pros for between $5k and $8k typically.  The price of the new Mac Pro is not unreasonable, particularly considering the increases in computing and GPU power.  If I were buying one for that facility today it would be more expensive overall because we would have to buy new monitors (we don't have Thunderbolt or Mini Displayport monitors), new RAIDs, and new video input devices such as the AJA iO 4k.  For...
Alls we need now is a 4k monitor that rolls up into a tube.
I would love to hire both of these companies to design and build an all laminated glass greenhouse/conservatory.  A really big one like for a botanical garden or similar.  With fully automated heating, cooling and shade management.  The whole thing would be controlled with a Mac Mini - in a glass box at the center of the conservatory.
Apple needs to provide a means of fixing this after the fact.  I was not aware of this issue and was an Apple At Home Advisor for iOS last year.  There is no mention of the need to disable iMessage before leaving iPhone in the iPhone User Guide either.
It is a premium BRAND, but not a premium product.  The BRAND allows them to sell an ordinary product at high prices.  The BRAND is doing all the work here, not the product itself.  If Apple was really interested in audio quality they would have purchased a company like Grado.  They would have given Tomilinson Holman carte blanche to improve the audio hardware in all Apple products to a higher standard.  Apple wants what the BRAND has to offer, not specifically the...
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