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That's for sure.  Plus if more companies did this there would be less waste in the manufacturing stream.  Fewer devices in land fills, greater efficienies etc.
I believe this structure to the Compassionate Enema Pavilion, there to serve the needs of Fandroids and Samsung-biased press members who will become spontaneously "blocked" upon seeing what Apple introduces.
I think what was determined is that the way the chemical were being used and handled was not dangerous to workers.  As unpleasant as both chemicals are, they can be used safely with proper precautions.  There is however a pretty big expense associated with their use due to the hazards both human and environmental.  No one is going to magically discover that benzene is not a carcinogen or that hexane doesn't destroy testicular tissue.  That is long settled information.
AI would be a pretty lonely place if we didn't beat dead horses and dissect done deals. 
It is very doubtful that Apple would make this change if doing so had any serious impact on their business.  Tim Cook "The King of Operations" would not stand for this.  Also, I think it is certainly your choice to view this as Apple "caving" to "extremist groups", but again it is doubtful that Apple looks at it this way.  I certainly don't - it's really more of a PR victory.
Both of these chemicals have numerous harmful, carcinogenic, mutagenic and or teratogenic properties.  Yes, with careful and expensive practices these chemicals can be handled safely.  I have worked in a lab where benzene was used as a reagent to calibrate various test instruments. This was at a low concentration and we still wore full face masks, gloves and aprons and only handled it under a fume hood. This was in the late 70s and it was considered bad stuff even then and...
First one to actually manufacture Scrith wins.
I hope they have set up a high res, time-lapse camera to capture all of this activity.
I agree - widespread release of a variety of styles and price levels.   Maybe even co-branded?  "The Swatch iTime with Apple Technology!"
As interesting as the iWatch might be, I can't get too excited about wearing anything on my wrist.  I have a nice collection of watches with dead batteries and yes, the watches were replaced by my iPhone since it does a fine job of telling time. But the real reason they lie dormant is that I strongly dislike the physical presence of the watch on my arm.  It annoys me throughout the day.  It bangs into things and gets damaged - which also annoys me.  Even though the iWatch...
New Posts  All Forums: