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Stock buybacks are a gimmick: 
Or maybe "Forbidden Fruit".
"full-height, two-story sliding glass doors."   And I shall call them "The Amputators."
Seems like for this initiative to work well for Apple they need to bring in an executive who has automotive electronics experience to head the team.  It would not even need to be someone who worked for a car company - it could be a supplier or third party manufacturer like Pioneer.  Someone who understands integrating systems and hardware etc.
All previous posts stating what Apple and Tim Cook thinks, wants, does, believes, did or will do = Pure speculation.
Cisco (and others) say the Internet of Things is worth $19 trillion over the next couple of decades.  Nest is part of that and Google wants to be at the center of it all.
This crashing has been evident on all of our iOS device, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. Have not been able to discern a pattern or cause.
Apple ID problems are one of the most common drivers of calls to Apple support. Maybe even the number one issue. Apple IDs and the associated details can be confusing to people who are not used to managing computer security. There are so many ways users can screw up their Apple ID and the things it governs that it's a bit of a wonder to me how Apple keeps the system afloat. I was an iOS At Home Advisor for a brief period last year. One of the many reasons I could not...
Microsoft just can't stop trying to ruin everything that is Halo.
That is the crux of this whole matter.  Apparently there are people at companies big and small who either are incapable of, or don't care about securing our information.  This won't change until there are laws to force a certain minimal level of protections.  I think we have reached the point in the development of software, computer systems and the Internet that anyone who does not take security seriously is negligent.
New Posts  All Forums: