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It would be politically unwise of Apple to be uncooperative with law enforcement.  Charging too much or even at all might create backlash in congress.  Particularly from the law and order types.
This lock set is unattractive.  That "bezel" is huge.  Now if the guts of it could be installed in any decorative bezel that might be interesting.
  I took a Fortran course in college in 1975.  I made a C grade and that was the last time programming and I ever danced. Maths and I have never been friends.
Wish them "into the cornfield" is more like it.
I think you are right.  For instance: a highly automated assembly plant combined with a highly customizable Mac Pro design would make a lot of sense.  Order placed online, machine assembled by robots as you ordered, machine delivered in a couple of days.  Cool.
Can't tell you how many times I have heard this story.  Hell I have lived this story.  Fought with the company IT guy and even the owners of the company on the whole Mac vs. PC B.S.  We were a video post house for cryin' out corn and they wanted us to use Windows!  FCP don't do Windows.   Interestingly the company just went of out business yesterday and I am now looking for work.  Know anyone in Austin who needs an operations/IT person who specializes in Macs?  P.M. me if...
I so wish that were possible.  Normally companies issue stock to raise capital.  Apple doesn't need capital and thus doesn't need stock.  Too bad they are giving so much of that $145 billion cash pile back to the shareholders who do nothing but make trouble and try to knock Apple off their chosen path.
This is actually an exciting time for Apple due to the significant personnel changes and reassignments that Cook has made in the last 6 months or so.  I agree with the Ive comment.  We could be entering the Golden Era of Ive at Apple.  
Irrational exuberance drove the stock up and it is driving it down.  Apple is the most emotional stock in the world.  Predicting what a "normal" stock will do is mostly guesswork, predicting how Apple will perform in pretty much impossible.  Buy low sell high is the best you can do with Apple.
Yeah it's not that hard to make a parking garage look less . . . garage-like.  I've seen one with frosted glass panels.  Another with perforated metal panels creatively arranged.  This one looks only one step above typical.
New Posts  All Forums: