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This. ^   I was an AHA for a short amount of time and there were plenty of calls during slow periods that were just people wanting to talk about the products, or wondering when the new X was coming out, or what the new X features would be, or wondering what some arcane setting in their phone did, etc blah dee frickin' blah.  I shudder to think what it would have been like during a new product launch - particularly a record setting one like this.  Remember, the Apple...
Uh yeah.  Please do NOT touch my wiz.
I don't see the traffic conditions in my Today tab.  Do they only appear when relevant to my location?
This was such a good interview with Cook.  It's so nice to see him unscripted (not a keynote) because he really opens up and gives us interesting insight into his mind the company.  You watch this interview and you now the company is in good hands.  You get the impression that there really are some unexpected things coming.   I have also noticed that Woz has not weighed in on anything post keynote - the silence is refreshing.
That is a lot of significant stuff happening in a compact time frame.  Future, uh yeah future. Wow Apple.
I think it's simply that Samsung and others have a much lower threshold for quality of design.  "Good enough" is definitely in their vocabulary.  Apple on the other hand has two anal British designers who specialize in splitting extremely fine hairs.  I'm betting that Apple really doesn't design by committee in any real way, where Samsung designers are probably only trying to please a committee with their designs.  Apple releases products when they are satisfied they have...
What gets me about the watch is the exquisite attention to mechanical detail - something that is apparently under appreciated by many of the critics.  The forms, the machining, the precision and the innovation all spot on.  I particularly liked the easily resized stainless band.  The guy pulled out the segments by just pushing a tab with his fingernail.  Genius.   I never had any concern about software, since this is Apple we knew they would get that right.  
For me the allure of a larger screen is simply that it is easier to read. The millions of older people who use reading glasses, but don't wear glasses for anything else are inconvenienced by small screen sizes. Not always, but in many instances, we have to put on our reading glasses to read fine detail on the phone screen - including overly tiny text. My hope is that these larger screens will help with this issue. I also feel that this has been a driver of consumers...
Here is a nice documentary/interview with Newson from BBC.  It's in multiple parts, the link is to the first - http://youtu.be/uoS71sBKESI Lots of good detail on his designs and a look at how he works.   One thing that concerns me a little, is his ability or lack thereof to function in a highly structured, corporate environment.  I don't think he can.  So maybe its better that he remains based in UK.  Something went wrong in his relationship with Ikepod, with both...
Well, he has designed a spaceship: And a car: And a boat: And a jet-pack: And something I personally own, a dish drainer:  
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