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This woven sleeving hides bunches of cables.  It has a nice black cloth finish and is split so cables can enter and exit the bundle easily.  I used this in the post house I once managed all the time to clean the cable crap.http://www.cableorganizer.com/woven-wrap/
 Use the tech that is right for you and don't needlessly trash the tech that isn't.  You sound like a rapper bragging about how good his rhymes are.
I not sure why Apple has not deployed the pop-up bollards that would prevent this sort of thing. They are recessed into the pavement and rapidly rise when the mass of a vehicle is detected.
We traded in our iPad 1 when Target had their trade-in promotion back in November.  We got a $200 Target gift card for an iPad worth $80.  Then we used that card with three other gift cards my wife had been hoarding and got a 64 gig iPad Air for $238 total.  Plus they sent us a another gift card worth $30.   I like Target.
Well, his first job was in robotics with Carl Zeiss AG in 1986.  Maybe he is just getting back to his roots.
Surely this purchase is intended to mesh with the driverless car project.  Or maybe they are envisioning a factory without humans.  Or as others have mentioned a home-bot.
I started reading this and then my eyes glazed over and some drool fell out of my mouth onto the keyboard.  I have trouble accepting that people make a living doing this kind of trivial shit.
The machinations of carrier plans make my head spin.  We have an AT&T family plan with 4 iPhones, unlimited data and text.  Two are outside the contract and two are still inside.  Does this news today mean anything for me?  The monthly bill is about $260.  I was just over at T-Mobile's website and I can get a similar plan for $160.  Might be something to consider when the other two phones are out of contract.  How good is T-Mobile in the Austin area - anyone know?
I think he uses the latest Voskoboynikov:
 Are you saying your annual electric bill is $300?  That seems impossible unless electricity is almost free where you live.
New Posts  All Forums: