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The machinations of carrier plans make my head spin.  We have an AT&T family plan with 4 iPhones, unlimited data and text.  Two are outside the contract and two are still inside.  Does this news today mean anything for me?  The monthly bill is about $260.  I was just over at T-Mobile's website and I can get a similar plan for $160.  Might be something to consider when the other two phones are out of contract.  How good is T-Mobile in the Austin area - anyone know?
I think he uses the latest Voskoboynikov:
 Are you saying your annual electric bill is $300?  That seems impossible unless electricity is almost free where you live.
Thanks - I've never used PowerPoint or even made a presentation before, so I will probably not remember their names in a few days.  I'm sure their graphs are nice.
You make good points, but either way I prefer working for small companies.  I worked for Apple this year - at home - and could not handle it.  Too much watching me, too much measuring my performance, too many metrics, just too much.  I do not in any way envy those who work for big companies.
One very effective way to absorb sound is to use perforated sheets backed by deadening material.  The ceilings could utilize perforated metal and still achieve the desired look whilst controlling sound.
Perhaps Apple is unwilling to have their chips fabbed outside the U.S.?
It looks wonderful.  I hope all those amenities can compensate for the mental strain of working in a giant corporate environment.
Who are these people?
I thought you were supposed to leave the power applied to the bulbs at all times and control them via the app.
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