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You are very, ummm, "literal" aren't you?
You think it's safe to say Sony died when Morita died? 1999.
At east they didn't agree to the AT&T deal "in perpetuity" like they stupidly did with Microsoft all those years ago.
Order status just changed to "Prepared for Shipment". So it should arrive about a month after I ordered it. Apple treats their independent resellers like crap.
If tickets are for sale how will they keep the Gizmodo people out?
The best way for Apple to have handled this would have been for Steve to appear on the show the next day to personally show Ellen how to use the phone. No interview, just a 30 second tutorial from teh Steve. And then give each audience member a phone or iPad. Could have been funny and fantastic ad/pr.
My MBP was supposed to ship friday the 30th. It didn't.
Hogan looks home-schooled.
So let's say you get the Master Collection and plan to use Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects along with Final Cut Pro 7 for daily HD video work. You boot your Mac Pro into 64bit mode to get the full benefit - particularly for After Effects. What happens with FCP since it is not 64bit (WTF Apple)? Will it run? What about quicktime, is it 64bit?
This whole series of events merely serves to reinforce my personal credo: Human beings, no damn good.
New Posts  All Forums: