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To paraphrase Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein: Why thank you doctor!
Yes, such at the NewerTech MAXPower eSATA 6G PCIe 2.0 Controller Card. Driverless, hot plug, etc. Anyone tried this nifty card?
I agree. as you can see I like the aluminum case:
Actually the NHTSA just released a report fingering operator error as the cause of "unintended acceleration" in the Toyotas. Curious thing, operator error.
You really need to come inside the bubble. Because inside the bubble those things don't exist.
Well considering how they shrunk the Mini quite a bit maybe we do have that to look forward to. Apple still likes aluminum, but now they like it heavily CNC machined instead of punched and hydro formed.
I live in Texas and have for most of my life. How shall I put this? Uh, Texas and all of it's cities are ugly. Very, very few people here have any real appreciation or knowledge of design - whether it is phones or city planning. They like to pretend they care about their past, but they don't. Texas treats their cities and neighborhoods just like Los Angeles - they tear them down when they get old thus destroying any desirable character. So a cell tower is a non-issue....
Man what color is the sky in your world dude? CR is the ONLY source in the world today for dispassionate, fact based analysis of consumer products. They do not succumb to pressure and do not accept advertising. One possible reason Apple could have deleted the threads is that CR almost never let's people reprint their reviews or even reference them. They sue and win. Their tests are performed carefully and their ratings combine test results for surveys provided by...
I've thought about applying for work at Apple's Austin facility. However, when I read the job descriptions my eyes glaze over. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about, yet judging by the job title I should be qualified. I guess working for small companies has left me ill prepared for the bureaucratic corporate world with it's numerous acronyms. I did notice that they do place these words on the main jobs page: You don’t necessarily have to be an Apple...
Amen brother. The internet has unfortunately given voice to crazy people the world over. Traditionally they had no voice in our society and we were all better off for that.
New Posts  All Forums: