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I have a ship date of April 30 for my 15", i7, anti-glare, 8 gigs, 7200 rpm drive. I ordered last Friday from a local vendor - not Apple store. The applecare package arrived this past Tuesday.
That does sound nice, but I still wonder about the lack of a file sharing scheme other than email (and iTunes - forgot). I guess if you were not using your iPad to create files except email it wouldn't be much of an issue.
There are some who disagree: Computer World
Pairing an iPad with anything has one sticky problem: A little thing called a file system. Moving your work between the two systems is a pain. You can't mount the iPad nor mount the MBP. You can't even use something like Air Sharing yet. Email is all you gotz. That will get old.
Yeah there's no getting around that. Unfortunately no one ever says to me "Here's 3 grand, go buy yourself something pretty."
Agreed. Apple might choose to skip USB 3 and try to leapfrog everyone on LightPeak kind of like they did with "n" Wifi. They released products using 802.11n before the final spec was approved.
That is a very full-featured laptop, but has no one here ever heard the concept of "Less is more?" "all the things people are complaining about in this thread" are nice, but would they make a real difference in your use and enjoyment of an MBP? The answer is different for all of us, but for me the answer is no. I just ordered a 15" i7, anti-glare high res, 8 gigs, 7200 rpm /500 gig with Apple care. I'll have it next week.
I am tempted, but I keep laptops for like 5 years. Would an SSD even work after that long? I understand they degrade with use.
Me not know. Fire bad!
Some more early benchmarks. Looks like the i7 does not offer a huge boost over i5, but in the real world who knows? I still think I'm going with a 15", i7, anti-glare, 8 gigs RAM. Primate Labs
New Posts  All Forums: