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Hmm, I doubt any of the desktop case parts are cast. The exterior parts all look stamped and machined to me. Maybe hydroformed to get some of those nice curves. Casting is much more expensive than stamping. Laptops might have some cast parts due to high strength needs and unusual shapes. Of course this is Apple we are talking about here, so who knows?
Relentless pursuit of and obsession with market share will ultimately result in a commoditized product and thus a dramatic lowering of product quality and desireablility.Let's not get carried away with wishing greater marketshare on Apple.
Movie called "The Groove Tube" - old but funny.
Uh, the brown one made me immediately think of this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...57865278871719 The places my mind goes . .
I tend to agree, my 12" PBG4 rev a 867MHz has not been kind to batteries. First one worked well for two years of light use and then started crapping out - computer would sleep without warning. Always did the calibration as directed. Bought another battery from Apple and now at 16 months it is behaving the same way - even worse actually. I was very close to buying a NewerTech higher capacity battery from OWC, but now I don't have to. The new crappier battery I bought...
This from a poster named "Kido" on the Tivo Community forums on 8/17:Sounds too good to be true.http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb...&&#post4284749
Don't worry about the price of the Apple phone. It won't be over priced, these people have that covered: http://www.vertu.com Note that none of their models are flip phones. I too was a hold out for many many years. Then my Dad got a family plan and put me, my wife and my sister on it. So now I have one. It's a Samsung flip and it's *ok*, but the OS is wretched. If I'm gonna have one I want it to be Applefied even if I hardly use it. Yeah, I'm 49 years old...
I was just talking about the computer and monitors. Avid is not just a computer. There is a lot of extra hardware that goes with it. We have three of them where I work. And 5 FCP HD all with Xserve Raids. And a Discreet Inferno. And a Quantel Henry. What I want to see is a mega Mac Pro with FCP HD and Shake. That will be interesting. And it will cost a lot less than an Avid.
Sure, as do Boxx and others. But this is a first for Apple. Isn't it? Or was there some version of a Lisa that was even more spendy? Anyway. OMG WWDC OMG indeed.
Wait. Wait. The best part. I say, I say the best part is this: A fully tricked out Mac Pro from the Apple Store worked out to . . . Wait for it . . . $17,981.81 with tax of course. Yeah man. Apple sells an $18k computer. In the stupefied words of Keanu Reeves: Woah.
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