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Wow, you are kind of a turd head.
We do the same with Mac OS as well. I can't risk problems with our Final Cut/After Effects systems - they are our profit centers. In fact our two Avid systems are still on Tiger. I always wait until other brave users have done my field testing for me.
I guess one thing we must always consider is that Apple is a business. They like to make money and in fact they do. A lot of money. It is obvious that they don't need to make cheaper Macs. This ridiculous idea exists (mostly on the Internet) that Apple must gain dominant market share or something horrible will happen. They don't need it. More market share would be good, but not at the expense brand destruction resulting from decreasing product quality - whether...
Did anybody read that? I had to quit and go play Halo for a while about 1 paragraph into it.
To me a computer is a tool. There are well made tools and there are crappy tools. I prefer well made tools that work with me and not against me. I own a German made power saw. It works better than any other saw I have ever owned and does things other power saw have never even dreamed of. I own a Fluke Digital Multimeter instead of a $20 Radio Shack multi-tester. My Mac is a tool that works with me and enhances my work experience. PCs get the job done for sure (and I...
Well I use an older 4 core Intel Xserve for file serving. It has half an Xserve RAID for the main storage and a huge Rorke RAID for the Time Machine drive and large project storage. It has a 4 port fiber Channel card and a 10 gig Small Tree ethernet card. I have another one, an 8 core Intel that is used for a wide variety of uses including Cinema 4D render server, print server, Episode compression system, Red camera file processor and so on. Xserve is a general purpose...
When you step back and think about what this little device is doing and what it can do - it's kind of mind blowing. This update is very impressive, particularly taken on top of the already great 2.0 software.
Yeah the potential for a big hot 64bit mess looms large. They have to be careful about this. Snow Leopard should bring 64bit Quicktime, but how will that work with a non-64 Final Cut?Just today we turned away a request for a BluRay from one of our biggest clients. We are primarily Mac based with FCP and Avid and we have no decent professional tools for BluRay authoring. I have an old copy of Premiere that I can upgrade to CS4 for $300. Looks like I just might have to...
Is this new Quicktime 64 bit? Seems like it would have to be at some level. I know a lot of 3D artists who work on 64 bit systems ho would really like to have a fully 64bit QT.
I this "new" Quicktime 64bit? How will that effect Final Cut and other QT dependent apps?
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