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That is a very full-featured laptop, but has no one here ever heard the concept of "Less is more?" "all the things people are complaining about in this thread" are nice, but would they make a real difference in your use and enjoyment of an MBP? The answer is different for all of us, but for me the answer is no. I just ordered a 15" i7, anti-glare high res, 8 gigs, 7200 rpm /500 gig with Apple care. I'll have it next week.
I am tempted, but I keep laptops for like 5 years. Would an SSD even work after that long? I understand they degrade with use.
Me not know. Fire bad!
Some more early benchmarks. Looks like the i7 does not offer a huge boost over i5, but in the real world who knows? I still think I'm going with a 15", i7, anti-glare, 8 gigs RAM. Primate Labs
Plus is the i7 worth the seemingly marginal CPU speed increase, but larger battery drain compared to the i5? The benchmarks on PC laptops with these two processors say no: it's not worth it.Hopefully someone will benchmark the two versions of the MBP soon - I'm ready to buy.
What I need to see is a benchmark comparo between the top i5 and i7 CPU MBPs. Based on benchmarks for PCs the i7 uses more power with only a marginal increase in performance. How it actually performs in the MBP should be very interesting. I'm ready to buy the i7 version, but if the i5 is almost as fast, why bother other than for double the graphics memory?
Yeah that is my questions too. If the i7 isn't much better than the i5 (according to the Notebookcheck.com article) does the i7 MBP perform better overall due to the doubled graphics memory?
In general Apple does not surf the crest of the performance wave. Their systems never have leading edge components or performance. It is not their design philosophy or marketing strategy to release new products merely to brag about speed gains etc. No doubt a Quad core MBP would be nice, but I bet it would have terrible battery life and be hot and heavy. All three of those conditions are non-starters for Apple.
Agreed. Just as they do with design Apple also does with marketing. They keep it simple and don't do anything unnecessary. An unveiling event just isn't needed. They will sell.
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