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Bought my wife a 1st gen iPhone for Christmas a couple of years ago. Late last year it failed and she had to get a 3GS. There was not dropping, no immersion, nothing but gentle use. It failed after she finished a Bluetooth phone call in the car. She went inside here office and it was dead and presenting the restore screen. I tried everything I could - even using jailbreak tools to try to snap it out of it's funk. Nothing worked. The guy at the Apple store was...
The Gizmodo folk appear to be griefers. People have mentioned the stunt where they turned off monitors at CES. They have shown numerous times they like to give Apple grief and that is what they were doing here along with trying to get an interesting scoop. Well that seems to have gone just a little bit awry for them. I doubt they set out to do anything illegal. And we don't really know yet if the state considers that they did. Nonetheless, they did step in a big pile...
In addition, hee HEE hee hee hee HAAWWWW!
Is it possible that those alleged meetings with AMD could be for a more complex purpose than merely CPU purchases? Perhaps Apple is interested in AMD as a partner to advance their internal chip designs derived from the PA Semi and Intrinsity (rumored) acquisitions. Maybe they want to buy AMD? AMDs market cap is well within the reach of Apple's cash pile. Maybe AMD has got something Apple wants and we don't know what it is? Or something ATI has. Time will tell.
This⬆⬆⬆ I am typing this on a 12" Powerbook 867MHz G4 running Leopard. It's seven years old and is used every day for hours. I built my new MBP to have everything as fast and big as I could since I will keep it for at least four years. Who knows, maybe even seven. And remember that if Apple installs the RAM they warranty it. If you use third party RAM and have a problem, that is the first thing they ask you. They ask you to remove it before they will attempt repairs.
One thing I thought of is that by using this longer "barrel" they have created, under some circumstances, more of a lever action which should pop the connector off easier and with less stress to the cable. Previously the cable emerged in parallel with the connector and socket. Now it is at a right angle and has a longer strain relief. I bet the force needed to separate the connector is going to be less from almost all directions except pulling straight back along the...
Really? So why then is my "i" series MBP not going to ship until the 30th when I ordered it a week ago? You need to check the thread on MBP delays.http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...pple_says.html
What is RI?
I have a ship date of April 30 for my 15", i7, anti-glare, 8 gigs, 7200 rpm drive. I ordered last Friday from a local vendor - not Apple store. The applecare package arrived this past Tuesday.
That does sound nice, but I still wonder about the lack of a file sharing scheme other than email (and iTunes - forgot). I guess if you were not using your iPad to create files except email it wouldn't be much of an issue.
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