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WTF is in the water in Virginia? This shooting, Virginia Tech, the snipers Malvo and Muhammad killed many in Virginia. Jeebus. I just hope no one was seriously injured.
That's the one that bugs me the most. And now that there is one study that indicates glossy is bad for your head, I want matte even more.
One thing people don't seem to account for is that Apple puts a lot more effort into the industrial design process than most companies. You pay for that. You pay for the salaries of talented industrial designers who spend many man hours making decisions about things other companies don't bother with. I imagine them fretting over every little radius and angle. Arguing for days over choice of plastic for the case or the jacket for the cables. Look inside a Mac and see...
What the Frak? This could eith be huge or be a giant waste of patent office paper. Besides, I don't want to jump around and wave my arms when playing games. I want to sit and push buttons.
Wow has Apple EVER moved this fast to fix such an issue? I don't even think they acted this quickly when an OS update killed ethernet ports on Macs all over the world a number of years ago.
I was in the Barton Creek store last week and I checked a 13" MBP. System profiler showed 1.5Gbps. This was without any SSD in the slot. This article says Apple has a problem with their drivers:Macsimum News
That is what I remember - Adobe was having to pretty much rewrite the code (or whatever the proper technical term is) for the apps. What I don't remember is if Adobe gave a time frame for the rewrite. Seems like timing it to the release of Snow Leopard might make sense.
Once the OS goes fully 64bit top to bottom how long will we wait for Adobe to release the 64bit Photoshop and other CS apps? It is Adobe after all, so I bet we won't see it before next year.
I agree. They wouldn't even need to give BluRay tools to the consumer Apple user, just the Final Cut users. Nor would Apple even need to put BluRay drives in any computers - the Final Cut user can do that. At our editorial facility clients are beginning to ask for BluRay discs with their completed projects and we can't do it. We have to send them to a small duplication place in town who has Premiere and can burn their discs. We don't want Premiere or Toast - we want...
Shhhhh! Keep it quiet I don't want him to hear this, but I think the 13" MBP may be the replacement for my 12" rev A G4 PowerBook 867mHz known affectionately as, Minime. Alas Minime, I knew ye well. Long live the new Minime.
New Posts  All Forums: