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No 4 processors? No sale for me. I guess I'll be waiting until fall to buy a new iMac.
Speaking of 64 bit, is Snow Leopard going to introduce 64 bit Quicktime? While that seems a very desirable thing, it seems it would also require a lot of reworking of code in QT based apps - like Final Cut for example. Is Apple planning to take the pro apps 64 bit as well?
I guess I am so completely out of the loop when it comes to big corporate rules. I only sporadically save email at my work, Just like I didn't save every paper memo and letter before electronic comms. Of course I have not ever really worked for a large corporation either. Wow, what a bunch of crap to have to deal with.
Taking the Finder Cocoa is great, but it needs to be repaired and improved as well. The Tiger Finder is the biggest source of problems in our facility (video post production) We have a bunch of Macs both PowerPC and Intel running Final Cut with Xserve RAIDS and internal RAIDS (MacPro) and Kona cards. Plus two Avids with Adrenalines. More often than not the Finder is the source of problems on these systems. Leopard FInder is better, but still exhibits a...
You are correct, but I was speaking of using eSATA with a Mac without a host card or drive cage. You don't need any of that with Firewire so again eSATA loses. I tested eSATA on an old dual G5 using a port extender connected to the internal existing port. It works fine, but is a hassle. I don' think it's exactly fair to compare Firewire with eSATA when eSATA is not really supported directly by Macs. Not criticizing you, but rather the author of the article.
eSATA does not compete with Firewire on Macs for most people. It is not hot pluggable on Macs or on the vast majority of PCs without a lot of effort. You have to restart your computer to mount an eSATA drive. Wow that is so convenient. I also find the eSATA connectors to be very flimsy. Firewire connectors might not be perfect, but they are better than eSATA. We use Firewire every dang day where I work and it is faster than USB. eSATA is fast but a pain to deal with....
Ah Quantel. Dark rooms and Sony BVM CRT monitors were the rule. Broadcast monitors all had plain glass screens, no anti-glare. The engineers who designed those monitors knew that clear glass passed the most accurate image from the phosphors. The same would now be true of LCD displays as well. The dark rooms cut down on reflections and skewed color perception caused by unbalanced light sources in the room. The only proper way for the human eye to judge color is in a...
12" PowerBook rev A 867mHz running 10.5.3 Should I bother with 10.5.5? I seem to remember I didn't install 10.5.4 because people said it was too slow on this computer. I wonder if the same is true for this update?
Installed on my 867mHz 12" powerbook with Leopard. It is not teh snappy. It is teh crappy. Time for a new MacBook Pro. When do the new ones come out?
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