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I don't think I can wait much longer. The old 12" 867MHz Powerbook just doesn't cut it any longer. I named it MiniMe and it's days are numbered. When is this Fermi Lab stuff expected? I can haz nuclear graphics!
I believe these guys are the Apple of Storage. Especially since the company was founded by the Apple Xserve RAID design team. This stuff is so cool.http://www.getactivestorage.com/
You know this delay from the expected january release is welcome. I have stuffed a few more dollars under the mattress . . . er I mean saved in the bank. That will just make this purchase a little easier. Might even upgrade some features like faster HD or more RAM.
I don't want them to change the case! Every time I walk into my machine room and see 7 of those beautiful aluminum monoliths stacked horizontally into the rack I get a little thrill. And the 5 Xserve RAIDS next to them are pretty sweet as well. I don't want to mess up that visual continuity with some random new design. I likes my Mac Pro visual continuity.
I can wait a little longer. I'm using my Rev A 12" Powerbook 867MHz running Leopard. I've waited this long. But it hurts.
Same here - WTF (Why The Face?). I hope they will get updated in a couple of weeks, but with the whole Nvida thing - who knows?
Where is my GOTT DANG MacBook Pro update?!
You nailed it. That's all this will be.
So boring. So sleepy. Must take nap. Ssssnnorrrkkkkk.
Hmm, I didn't notice it - now I'll have to go back to the Tivo and check.I thought Cisco had a lot of stuff on the show too.
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