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I've thought about applying for work at Apple's Austin facility. However, when I read the job descriptions my eyes glaze over. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about, yet judging by the job title I should be qualified. I guess working for small companies has left me ill prepared for the bureaucratic corporate world with it's numerous acronyms. I did notice that they do place these words on the main jobs page: You don’t necessarily have to be an Apple...
Amen brother. The internet has unfortunately given voice to crazy people the world over. Traditionally they had no voice in our society and we were all better off for that.
Andy Rubin is laughing all the way to his really, really big bank.
Any Marvell chips in there? Oh, found the Chipworks piece - nope, no Marvell.
Yes a VERY long time. I'm at over 2 hours now for the install. The download was fast, but the install - I think I dozed off.
My guess is that they had two goals: attractive design and heat dissipation. The aluminum case should do a pretty good job of moving heat around while looking so very nice.
So it seems. However, a really good BluRay player cost several hundreds of dollars. Adding a BluRay drive to the Mini would work, but the video output quality would surely be lacking. No room for the necessary processing video chips.
This computer's rubber bottom makes me moist. Very nicely done all around, but I agree on the price. Just a little too high. I was considering a Mini about a month ago and heard new ones were expected. I waited and meanwhile another round of pay cuts is on the way at work. New Mini plus a higher price with less pay means no Mini for me. Configured the way i want it is $1599. Ouchy.
Macbook Pro i7 with 8 gigs ram. Took Safari 5 on a little trip to the Apple site to view the FaceTime video. Got about 5 seconds of video followed by a freeze frame and beach ball for 20 seconds. Then the video zoomed forward super fast to where it would have been after 20 seconds. Then it beachballed again. Reloaded the page and it played fine. Similar issues with the iPhone 4 video. Not impressed. Can I have Safari 4 back now please?
Considering how primitive the computers flying the shuttle are (all 5 of them), the iPhone is overkill. The Shuttle OS does have 400,000 lines of code however. Is that a lot?
New Posts  All Forums: