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That is an epsiode of Lost isn't it?
As a lifelong wiseacre I have always admired humor such as "Hasta la vista, Vista!" However, I also remember when as a teenager I first heard in a movie the saying "Nobody likes a smartass." I was crushed and took it personally. Many Americans don't like smartasses. So it might seem that these banners are a bad idea. Fortunately, as someone mentioned above, this is the developers conference not a national campaign. Apple are preaching to the choir and the choir...
I shall call him - MacFlash. And Queen will write his theme song: MacFlash - a-ah - saviour of the universe MacFlash - a-ah - he'll save everyone of us Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha MacFlash - a-ah - he's a miracle MacFlash - a-ah - king of the impossible
It is if you don't get paid for every last frickin' minute you work. We have this serious problem in the U.S. where employees seem to think it's okay to have a salaried job and then work 70 hours a week. No overtime, no double time, no compensation whatsoever for working more than 40 hours. This is total bullshit and this is how companies get to report increased "productivity". The next time you hear a news report about productivity being up in the U.S. you can rest...
Minor burns? From what? The sun? The elevators where I work (only 4 stories - I do take the stairs every now and then) breaks all the time. We had to sue the owners to fix it after it trapped employees more than once. It also caught on fire a couple of times. It is a hydraulic system like the Applevator. I guess elevators aren't made like they once were.
8" is not enough - hell my Outback has 7.5" clearance! Almost any large truck or decent sized SUV could clear 8". Bollards take 2-3 second to rise. Here is a video: http://www.atgaccess.com/Automatic_R...d_System01.wmv I guess all of this begs the question - why would anyone want to drive a truck through the glass and then fall into a two story hole? Makes no sense. Accidental maybe, but on purpose? Pointless. Unless the plaza is raised up enough from street level...
You mean those 8" high stainless steel cylinders around the cube? Maybe - but they aren't high enough. However, there are automatic bollards that use a magnetic sensor. When an approaching vehicle is detected they quickly shoot upwards and block the path. At first I thought those short cylinders weere lighting, but now I'm not sure. Automatic Bollards: That would be a very Apple thing to have, but would they be made of glass?
Once you try black, you can't go back!
I use Black Night every day to monitor an old non-linear edit system. Black Night only works in Classic. It connects through a USB to serial converter. I've tried various OSX terminal emulation apps and they won't connect.
I'm still not convinced that Adobe won't drop development of OSX apps. We just saw the report recently from one of their engineers talking about how much work it was and how hard it was (blah dee blah blah) to write the MacIntel version of Photoshop. What he really was saying was how EXPENSIVE it is to have a fully separate team of engineers writing code for a different less popular OS. Adobe is not the small Mac based company it was 15 years ago. They are a huge...
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