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⌃⌃⌃What he said.I have wondered about this for years. It just doesn't seem to be a goal of Apple to take FCS to that next level in power. The thing is with HD becoming the norm they really need to step up and bring 64bit and full processor awareness to the game. This might be hard, but surely it would be worth it. Maybe with Snow Leopard some of these things will come to the fore.
Not sure what you mean, but a quick look at the Pixel Corps site I do not see them or Alex recommending Motion. In fact Pixel Corp members use AE among other things. I even found an Alex Lindsay review where he said Motion doesn't replace AE or anything else, but that it was great for throwing things together. People don't pay us $350 plus an hour to throw things together.
As the Operations/IT Manager and former editor at a Mac based post house I can say that no one here would ever use Motion for anything. All my editors and designers have FCS and AE at their disposal. We also have Nuke, Shake and several 3D apps. We also have an Inferno. Motion never enters the conversation - not ever. The skilled AE artists have all evaluated Motion (3) and found it lacking for their needs. The Final Cut people who are less skilled at AE still chose...
Thank you for saying this. I too have wondered why people want tablets. They are the ergonomic equivalent of the Vulcan Death Grip - hard to master and replete with unpleasant results. If you think about the companies that have made tablets, none of them are known for their ergonomic prowess or even basic industrial design skills. I seriously doubt Apple will make a large tablet for this reason. The always popular (on the interwebs anyway) touchscreen computers suffer...
This would not have happened if Apple made their products in the US.
I hope so. I use QTSS and Broadcaster with a Kona card to stream Avid edit sessions to a client in New York from our facility in Austin. I works, but not very well. There have been firewall and ISP problems in the past. The setup also has trouble keeping audio in sync, but that appears to the a Broadcaster problem. I'd like to have HTTP streaming as an option.
WTF is in the water in Virginia? This shooting, Virginia Tech, the snipers Malvo and Muhammad killed many in Virginia. Jeebus. I just hope no one was seriously injured.
That's the one that bugs me the most. And now that there is one study that indicates glossy is bad for your head, I want matte even more.
One thing people don't seem to account for is that Apple puts a lot more effort into the industrial design process than most companies. You pay for that. You pay for the salaries of talented industrial designers who spend many man hours making decisions about things other companies don't bother with. I imagine them fretting over every little radius and angle. Arguing for days over choice of plastic for the case or the jacket for the cables. Look inside a Mac and see...
What the Frak? This could eith be huge or be a giant waste of patent office paper. Besides, I don't want to jump around and wave my arms when playing games. I want to sit and push buttons.
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