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Hmm. Well if that is what they plan to put in my new MacBook pro I'm not very happy about it. I wonder if I should order one of the existing ones right now? I also notice that on the website the MacBook Pros still show delivery in 24 hours. If they were being refreshed would there be longer lead time by now?
U cracky!
iSplunge "It means ... it's a great-idea-but-possibly-not-and-I'm-not-being-indecisive!" Season 1 Episode six of Monty Python's Flying Circus
oops wrong thread Nevermind
Yeah maybe it was Canada I was thinking of instead of UK. I knew it was some foreign pseudo english speaking place.
I mentioned that in another thread - in the UK pad equates to tampon. The Senseo coffee maker people initially marketed coffee "pads", but changed the name to" pods" when they realized that associating tampons with delicious coffee was not going to work. I think Apple has the same problem.
In England wouldn't iPad translate to iTampon?
Uhhhh, right Considering I'm 52 years old and the operations manager and IT person at a Mac centric video post production company, I don't accept your characterization of naivety and shyness on my part. Time to change your bong water?
That kind of goes without saying, so why did you say it?
I get that, but it still has a clunky inelegant air about it. That is most definitely not Apple-like. I can't throw the iSlate down on my desk like I do a pad. I can't leave the iSlate on the edge of a server in the rack and knock it to the floor accidentally like I do a paper pad. I most likely won't be able to hold on to the much heavier iSlate for long periods of time like I can a pad. Does a paper note pad really need to be computerized?Of course market share is...
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