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mg? Milligrams?
Agreed. At this point I think we can see that the iPad campaign and release is most likely what is holding up new MBP models. Not for technical reasons, but merely marketing. They don't want any other company product news to dilute the iPad hype/message.
That means a pocket full of little weird adapters/cables we will all be carrying around once LP is widely deployed.
Does ATI have anything to offer?
I don't think I can wait much longer. The old 12" 867MHz Powerbook just doesn't cut it any longer. I named it MiniMe and it's days are numbered. When is this Fermi Lab stuff expected? I can haz nuclear graphics!
I believe these guys are the Apple of Storage. Especially since the company was founded by the Apple Xserve RAID design team. This stuff is so cool.http://www.getactivestorage.com/
You know this delay from the expected january release is welcome. I have stuffed a few more dollars under the mattress . . . er I mean saved in the bank. That will just make this purchase a little easier. Might even upgrade some features like faster HD or more RAM.
I don't want them to change the case! Every time I walk into my machine room and see 7 of those beautiful aluminum monoliths stacked horizontally into the rack I get a little thrill. And the 5 Xserve RAIDS next to them are pretty sweet as well. I don't want to mess up that visual continuity with some random new design. I likes my Mac Pro visual continuity.
I can wait a little longer. I'm using my Rev A 12" Powerbook 867MHz running Leopard. I've waited this long. But it hurts.
Same here - WTF (Why The Face?). I hope they will get updated in a couple of weeks, but with the whole Nvida thing - who knows?
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