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Left, hidden always. 12" PowerBook rev A, it's a tiny screen gotta hide that thing. Now it's habitual, even on bigger screens at work I put it left and hidden.
Are current iBooks not selling well? Wifey just got a new iBook at work as did two other people. Two of these brand new iBooks (from the local Apple Store) would not let the user register the computer during the intitial setup process. The system explained that the iBooks were more that 90 days old and thus could not be registered as new. A couple of phone calls and a code off of the sale receipt fixed the problem. I have to wonder why these iBooks sat on the shelf...
The "virtual" scroll wheel on the touch screen is amusing to me. I edit every day on an old Quantel Henry. When I want to scroll video or jog a tape machine I take my pen, push it down on the tablet and twirl it in a circle. The video or the tape machine moves forward or back depending on my clockwise or counter clockwise pen movement. I can put the pen anywhere on the screen to get the jog. I've had this ability on my system for about 12 years. I wonder if there...
I tend to agree, but they did characterize it as "fun new products" in the invitation. Emphasis on the fun apparently. I don't think Apple would ever make a truly high end audio component. There is just not enough market for that sort of thing.
Yes, correct. I didn't realize this at first. Admin privileges allow some things in the App folder to be modified without asking for password. This article made it very clear to me:http://www.chaosmint.com/macintosh/a...rability.shtml
So I'm logged in as standard user. I want to install an application. What happens? Do I have to log out, log back in as admin and then install? Seems like a pain.
Sad, no Halo2 for Macs http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4698072.stm
My feeling now is that it may be time to sit back and watch and wait. Wait to see how the Intel transition goes. Wait to see if market share increases due to Intel Macs. Watch for new products that might offer the same kind of upside as the iPod or even the flat iMacs. Watch for interesting deals betweeen Disney and Apple. If some of those things happen then jump back in.
Yeah, I dunno. To me tablets are bad industrial design and that is something that Apple tends to avoid. Tablets are one of those great ideas that in the real world doesn't make sense. Except for specialized applications like industrial and medical markets. And maybe some service industries like restaurants and the like. But as a computer to used everyday and for long periods of time by regular folk - no way. I just don't think that having the display also be the input...
I started reading this article, couldn't finish it. Once I saw those diagrams it seemed pointless to keep reading. One of the dumbest things I've seen in a while whether real or rumor.
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