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What will this card mean for Color? We have a guy who is a trained colorist / editor who wants to use Color on professional jobs. However, it isn't real time in HD and we have been hoping that Apple would offer a card that accelerates the rendering in Color. Clients paying high dollar for color sessions expect a certain level of performance from the equipment - Color is close, but not quite what we want it to be.
And there it it. The disdainful epithet hurled by so called "parents" at anyone without children who dares to question the divinity and sanctity of children. Typically this insult is directed at people when they complain about kids behaving badly in public places like airplanes or restaurants. That, or when you complain, the parents get insulted that you are "questioning" their parenting. Yes, I am. Your kid is behaving like a rabid donkey - do something about it.I...
You are probably right - they could do it if they were very careful. Maybe they are waiting for the just perfect moment. And I do wonder what they are planning to do with the outrageous amount of cash they keep.
And thus they choose to ignore a significant number of potential users simply because they have Macs. That is a pretty simplistic assumption to make that facilities won't have Macs because they cost more.People have said his thousands of times - it means nothing unless it it Apples to Apples and Oranges to Oranges, and the majority of the price comparisons are not. I still don't buy the overpriced argument. Marketing hype and bull. Apple refines things, but they call it...
What does "taken seriously" mean? You keep saying "grossly overpriced" - how would you know? Do you work for Apple and have information about how much they pay for parts and assembly services? Do you have insider information about how much their development costs are? A MacPro is almost the same price as an HP specified with the same components. How is that overpriced? Many here have posted comparisons showing that Apple laptops are similar in price when fairly...
Considering how much money Apple makes (and just made this last quarter) and that they have something like $28 billion cash in the bank, I would say your statement is meaningless.
Wow, you are kind of a turd head.
We do the same with Mac OS as well. I can't risk problems with our Final Cut/After Effects systems - they are our profit centers. In fact our two Avid systems are still on Tiger. I always wait until other brave users have done my field testing for me.
I guess one thing we must always consider is that Apple is a business. They like to make money and in fact they do. A lot of money. It is obvious that they don't need to make cheaper Macs. This ridiculous idea exists (mostly on the Internet) that Apple must gain dominant market share or something horrible will happen. They don't need it. More market share would be good, but not at the expense brand destruction resulting from decreasing product quality - whether...
Did anybody read that? I had to quit and go play Halo for a while about 1 paragraph into it.
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