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So we are back to all Mac laptops having Firewire again? Interesting. I feel bad for the folks who bought the USB only version.
Hear, hear! And even better: Apple hows about letting us a la carte the components of FCS? All I would need is FC + Compressor + Color. Maybe DVDSP on some systems. I don't want Motion and Live Type clogging up my system drives with a pant load of media files we never use. And I don't want to pay for them either.
Well, that is for HD work, SD is less. Plus we have a fancy facility with lots of client services etc. and a desirable downtown location. Plus our AE people are really good.
We can't charge $400 an hour for Live Type or Motion like we do for After Effects.
Agreed. No one at our facility EVER uses Motion. All After Effects all the time. Dump Motion and put Shake on the R&D fast track to bring it back to life. We have Nuke now and even though it is really good, the operators miss Shake. Either that or just frickin' buy Adobe and get it over with. Apple you've got plenty of billions in cash lying around - use it for something good.Agreed, tru dat. Again no one here (we ahve 6 FCS system all with Kona and Xserve RAIDs)...
I'm wondering the same thing. I've got 6 FCS systems to upgrade to any new version and I'd like to know what we would be getting. If 64 bit I would probably want to increase memory in most of the systems as well as consider buying new hardware in some cases. Have we even heard if Quicktime is going to be 64bit? I know 64bit is not a panacea, but it is bound to offer advantages when working with super large uncompressed 1080 59.94 video files.
I now believe the server farm is exclusively intended to provide 3d architectural rendering power for the design of Steve's new house.
If you want to see the areas with double digit UNemployment check this map. AP Economic Stress Map And considering the location of Apple's server farm, while it would make sense to build in an area that needs employment it is not the primary concern. Reliable power is very important to server farms. Google built one in Oregon in a somewhat remote location because is had easy access to hydroelectric power which is very reliable compared to most other sources. Of course...
Well I guess my statement was from the standpoint of a taxpayer, but from the standpoint of a worker I feel your pain. In order to keep my job I took a 32% pay cut last November. No sign of my pay level being restored any time soon. Things suck all over. Good luck.
These things are not necessarily connected in any way. It is certainly possible to have a very green state that also has a healthy economy. Just because it hasn't worked in California doesn't mean it can't work elsewhere. Regarding Apple's potential tax break in North Carolina: Taxes should be the same in every state and there should be no tax variances/abatements granted to anyone. Those are nothing more than bribery. We have had a lot of those here in Texas and...
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