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Not following you. What do you mean by "this?"
I can understand you not being comfortable with that sort of "curation" as Jobs now characterizes the process. I however, welcome it. I don't feel angry or deprived by Apple deciding what wares I get to choose. Just doesn't bother me. I don't lose sleep over apps I can't have. Most of us have bigger problems.
I don't understand why companies like Google or Microsoft would allow phone apps to be distributed without being vetted. I also don't understand why people get so upset that Apple and Rim actually do control what goes on their phones. I mean really. How is your life or your freedom diminished by Apple preventing harmful or malicious apps from being installed on your phone? Try to gain some perspective. Sheesh.
This past weekend I did some experimenting with an old iSight camera, my MBP i7 and Evocam to stream video to my iPhone via 3G. Got it to work, but I noticed that my iPhone data usage went WAY up. My numbers were over 500meg for the billing period. The others on my family plan who typically use their phones more than I, had much lower data usage. So much for having a cool phone accessible camera to watch the dog, or the neighbors or whatever on the new data plans. Two...
Unless we test your assertion on a population in a parallel universe oddly devoid of EMF we can't really know that. We can make reasonable assumptions, but we can't be completely sure.
Speaking of the 4G iPhone did you see this: ubreakifix If this is correct I have to wonder if Apple is still going to sell them parts?
Not a problem if you have a Tivo. Would it not be funny if Apple were to release some kickass new version of the Apple TV before Google can get their app out there?
I was just discussing with one of my editors today how nice it would be if FCP had better integrated menus for setups, layoffs, interaction with the Kona card etc. There are far too many gotchas in FCP particularly in a facility like ours where we deal with almost every flavor of SD and HD video, every frame rate, every resolution, every file type etc. The world of video is a mess thanks to HD and FCP doesn't really help the over worked and sometimes confused editor. ...
This supports audio on HDMI: http://www.griffintechnology.com/pro...play-converter
Please wake me when someone goes to jail.
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