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I have read the entire thread. My statement stands.
No not really, but you have littered a perfectly good thread with thousands of words that have nothing to do with the subject.
I just checked out the Z on the Sony website. Meh. I prefer the more european/German esthetic of the Apple products over the typical Sony Japanese vaguely Pagoda-esque style. It's too busy, too many angles and protuberances. I prefer Audi over Lexus. The technical features are nice, but none of them are enough to get me to switch to Windows. Apple may not be cutting edge on a every single feature (or any features for that matter) but the entire package is so nicely...
Maybe the sales person was thrown off by the OPs confederate flag t-shirt? Or his teabagger gimme cap?
One guy with one bad experience. OMG that's a trend and a condemnation fo realz!
Two weeks ago my 12" PowerBook started having kernel panics like crazy. Just out of the blue. I thought "Oh great, now I have to buy an MBP right before the new ones get released." Examining the crash logs revealed that the Airport card was causing the crashes. so $40 later I have a new card from Ebay and a happy Powerbook. I'll continue to wait, because as you can see I keep computers a very long time. It thus behooves me to get the newest fastest model I can so it...
mg? Milligrams?
Agreed. At this point I think we can see that the iPad campaign and release is most likely what is holding up new MBP models. Not for technical reasons, but merely marketing. They don't want any other company product news to dilute the iPad hype/message.
That means a pocket full of little weird adapters/cables we will all be carrying around once LP is widely deployed.
Does ATI have anything to offer?
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