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My limited understanding is that it won't work right now and when it does it will require a hack. Intel Macs don't have a BIOS and use the new EFI instead. Somebody will do it, but who knows when. Microsoft Vista supposedly will support EFI when it comes out, but who knows when that will be?
I don't believe this one. Firewire will stay Other laptop/notebook makers have numerous models with IEEE 1394 built-in. Lenovo even has several models around $1200 that include 1394. Why would Apple drop it? Changing to 800 makes some sense, but people will be cursing Apple when they need to hook up and can't find a 400 to 800 adapter.
Yeah the stock is so hyper inflated right now that I am really getting concerned about what it will do if there is any perceived "bad" news. Some analysts have set their target price at $79 and we now see $86, but what happens if the iPod numbers are just a little lower than people expect? Thud. When is the next quarterly report?
So after reading through this thread it now seems to me that Apple will do their own thing. They haven't made any statements that would preclude this. Sure the new Macs will have some as yet unknown Intel proc in it, but really why would Apple even bother trying to build a box that worked internally like typical Wintel systems? Those system are full of legacy compromises that Apple can ignore. Completely. Some of the stuff the tech folk have discussed here is...
I have been wondering about this. One of the things us Mac folk like to throw out there is the amount of variation can be in PC hardware. Unlike Macs there was no unified hardware standard. We love that tight integration between the OS and the hard stuff. Obviously MacIntel boxes will still have that Apple unification, but won't Apple be tempted to configure the machines to suit their unique needs? Could this mean that Windows or certain apps might not really work all...
Yes I DO realize that Mr. Snidely. It's understandable for Intel/MS to demand an agency use PC's. The client I was speaking of was an oil company. No harm was being done by the account folk using Macs. The clients IT people found out about the Macs and put out the word that Macs were not welcome there. They even tried to force the creatives to use PC's as well. That client has moved elsewhere and the agency was glad to see them go. Unfortuantely the PC's stayed. ...
This is entirely possible. Adobe is just looking for a reason to drop Photoshop for the Mac.They could because Photoshop is the one and only. If you want to use it you'll do what they say. This is not quite the same, but I know a billion dollar ad agency that was all Mac. They got a client that was all PC. That client insisted that all of the account reps use PC laptops not Macs. The agency complied in that one case. Then as time passed they changed ALL of the...
Not a dashboard user.
So true, there are many millions who are potential Apple customers. Many, many millions. Note to self, sell the Dell, hold the Apple.
I guess the reason it matters IS the scale of Dell's sales. And that it was unexpected. Stock people don't like that. Surprises.
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