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Will Apple rewrite Final Cut Studio 2 so all apps are 64 bit? Seems like this suite would greatly benefit from 64 bit addressing. I've already read that Quicktime will finally be 64.
I like this one better:Sounds better anyway.
I agree - it's worth it. I know how to install ram, I've done it many times - laptops, desktops, even PCs. However, if Apple installs it I'm covered by their warranty and there is no chance of memory incompatibility which has been a problem now and then with Macs. Plus I don't have to worry that by some fluke I manage to zap the ram or damage the slot. All that is worth the $200 to me.
The future is not so bright and we won't need shades. Peak oil, Google it.
I am considering the Air for home use. I come home at night and have dinner with my wife. We then sit down and watch TV shows selected from our 4 Tivos. While watching TV I generally surf incessantly on my 12" PB (rev A). The Air appeals to me as it is much lighter, has a bigger screen and has better performance than the PB. Along with the AIr I would also get a Time Capsule and a 24" iMac that would go upstairs in the office. I could access files easily with the Air...
You're weird.
I have 5 Xserve Raids used for our final Cut systems. Wow this is a bummer. We really liked being able to buy all the components of our systems from one vendor (excepting the Kona cards). The Xserve Raids are so good - ZERO problems over the last few years. I'm sure the Promise raids are good, but . . . . I hope this is not a sort of sideways confirmation of the rumor that Apple wants out of the pro app business. If they aren't going to be selling Final Cut what...
So I did the 10.5.2 Combo update at work on Monday along with the QT update and the Graphics update. Everything has been fine until today. Discovered today that Quicktime will no longer stream. I tried it from our streamer and from this link: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/mwsf08/ The result is no connection and the stream window shows "disconnected" or "paused". Hitting the play button has no effect. The stream won't start. This worked fine before the...
This is interesting since Avid announced the same thing last November. http://macenstein.com/default/archives/1116
I wasn't really commenting on the Air specifically - but rather people in general who never add the value of elegance when comparing or critiquing an Apple product. Apple haters and reviewers almost always do this. Who is the Air for? Who cares? I mean really, who cares? That's Apples business and what differences does it make to anyone here? Buy if you like, don't buy if you don't.
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