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In England wouldn't iPad translate to iTampon?
Uhhhh, right Considering I'm 52 years old and the operations manager and IT person at a Mac centric video post production company, I don't accept your characterization of naivety and shyness on my part. Time to change your bong water?
That kind of goes without saying, so why did you say it?
I get that, but it still has a clunky inelegant air about it. That is most definitely not Apple-like. I can't throw the iSlate down on my desk like I do a pad. I can't leave the iSlate on the edge of a server in the rack and knock it to the floor accidentally like I do a paper pad. I most likely won't be able to hold on to the much heavier iSlate for long periods of time like I can a pad. Does a paper note pad really need to be computerized?Of course market share is...
Well my neck doesn't like being bent at strange angles for extended periods of time. Nor to my wrists and elbows. Some other parts of my body like it just fine, but that's not important right now.
I still have questions about the overall ergonomic soundness of these (any) tablets. Are you supposed to hold it in one hand while you interface with the screen using the other hand? Won't the holding hand get tired? Set it on the table and the screen no longer faces your eyes. Hold it in your lap and again screen not oriented to your face. I just don't see how this sort of physical human interface is any kind of improvement over the laptop with an adjustable screen...
Some how I envision Regis Philbin gesticulating wildly over his iSlate. Eeewwww.
True that. I have Leopard Server on a couple of Xserves at work that I inherited when they laid off the IT guy and dumped his workload on me. I'm not a trained IT tech, but I have used Macs since 1984 so some knowledge has accumulated in my old brain. I would not wish Leopard Server on a novice - it is a whole different world. I've had to learn it on my own and I have only just touched the surface. I can see easily though how powerful it can be. I am considering a...
I doubt the full on version of Photoshop will ever be on a tablet. Maybe a light version though for tweaking photos. I think the tablet will be more like Chumby.
I don't think the sauce is hardware. It is a variety of ingredients like all sauces that will make it special, even saucy you might say. The ingredients provide the flavors that make the dish delicious. These ingredients have to be perfect and work in concert to create a whole greater than the sum. To quote Rube from Dead Like me:The combination of the OS, App Store and most importantly new agreements with various content providers like newspapers and magazines will...
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