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Did anybody read that? I had to quit and go play Halo for a while about 1 paragraph into it.
To me a computer is a tool. There are well made tools and there are crappy tools. I prefer well made tools that work with me and not against me. I own a German made power saw. It works better than any other saw I have ever owned and does things other power saw have never even dreamed of. I own a Fluke Digital Multimeter instead of a $20 Radio Shack multi-tester. My Mac is a tool that works with me and enhances my work experience. PCs get the job done for sure (and I...
Well I use an older 4 core Intel Xserve for file serving. It has half an Xserve RAID for the main storage and a huge Rorke RAID for the Time Machine drive and large project storage. It has a 4 port fiber Channel card and a 10 gig Small Tree ethernet card. I have another one, an 8 core Intel that is used for a wide variety of uses including Cinema 4D render server, print server, Episode compression system, Red camera file processor and so on. Xserve is a general purpose...
When you step back and think about what this little device is doing and what it can do - it's kind of mind blowing. This update is very impressive, particularly taken on top of the already great 2.0 software.
Yeah the potential for a big hot 64bit mess looms large. They have to be careful about this. Snow Leopard should bring 64bit Quicktime, but how will that work with a non-64 Final Cut?Just today we turned away a request for a BluRay from one of our biggest clients. We are primarily Mac based with FCP and Avid and we have no decent professional tools for BluRay authoring. I have an old copy of Premiere that I can upgrade to CS4 for $300. Looks like I just might have to...
Is this new Quicktime 64 bit? Seems like it would have to be at some level. I know a lot of 3D artists who work on 64 bit systems ho would really like to have a fully 64bit QT.
I this "new" Quicktime 64bit? How will that effect Final Cut and other QT dependent apps?
No 4 processors? No sale for me. I guess I'll be waiting until fall to buy a new iMac.
Speaking of 64 bit, is Snow Leopard going to introduce 64 bit Quicktime? While that seems a very desirable thing, it seems it would also require a lot of reworking of code in QT based apps - like Final Cut for example. Is Apple planning to take the pro apps 64 bit as well?
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