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You can't at the moment, at least, not until Apple gets it's act together and puts basic features back into iMovie 08. Fortunately there is a work around. Just import your clip into iMovie HD, change the speed and then export it at full quality and reimport it into iMovie 08. You can download iMovie HD here.
I paid just over £800 and it was in mint condition. The screen is shockingly crisp and bright and the iMac is whisper quiet even with both cores maxed out while encoding video for hours. Can't recommend getting one highly enough and I've saved myself a fair bit of money over buying new. This one even has another two years of Applecare.
The new iMacs (and any iMac back to the G5 iSight models) are awful for accessing the HD. On the latest Alu iMacs you have to remove the glass screen, the bezel and the LCD! See here for detailed photos of the process.
I've just bought a white 24" 2.16ghz iMac from ebay and am waiting for delivery. I bought this instead of the new 20" 2.ghz purely for the matte screen. It's prob not a big issue for most people but the ultra glossy screen would likely be a problem in the enviroment where it'll be used. Plus I get a huge screen and two more years applecare for the price of the cheapest 20" Alu iMac.
Just in case it can help anyone else: I solved the problem by upgrading the firmware in my Netgear DG834G router and flushing the DNS cache. Had the same problem again after a week and just flushing the DNS cache has sorted things out.
Macworld.co.uk is reporting that Appleworks is now End of Life
Strange. I still can't log into .Mac and haven't been able to for hours. I just get a 'server stopped responding' message. Have tried it on a few different machines with no success. I've had no problems logging onto any other sites. If I go to system prefs>.Mac>idisk I just get the message "There's a problem connecting to the iDisk server at this time. Please try again later". I'll see if it's cleared by the morning.
I'm assuming it is down. I haven't been able to access the .mac site all this evening. iChat video and audio isn't working and I can't upload my iWeb sites. System prefs won't show iDisk usage either. I can access my iDisk through the finder though. Anyone experiencing similar?
Aaagh! I can see Ads again. Oh the horror. Safari 3 has disabled Pith Helmet. I'll give it a day or two to see if there's an update to Pith helmet. If not, then I'm going back to Safari 2.
I should imagine that will this change the digital music player market as well. Won't most players now have a major reason to support AAC. Should be interesting to see how this announcement changes the market. Will AAC now become the dominant codec for non-Apple music players?
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