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I decided that i would just wait untill i graduate and go to college to get a mac so that i could save my parents a little money.. so i got a Gateway T-1625 laptop to hold me over for the last two years of high school.. ik that this is an apple site.. but i wasnt very happy about not getting the mac!! oh well, the gateway is working really well so far
i know this is off topic but will a new macbook that has wireless n tech work on a wireless g router? also i am looking to buy a new computer in the next week or two and was originally waiting for an update to the mac mini but have decided on the macbook now.. so everyone thinks its safe to buy now?
so now when do you think it will be updated?
why would you replace the mac mini with something that has a display built in?
is there any chance that it could be updated within the next couple months?
i was waiting on it too((
i hope both of you are exactly right!!! and i know i have asked something like this before, once the products are available to buy, will they also be available to buy at a bestbuy apple store, at the same time.. if you can understand any of that
I am waiting for a Mini replacement!!! been waiting for it for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!
With Bestbuy Reward Zone Card you can get 12% off computer accesories January 11-14! the DAY before the keynote.. and i plan on getting a mac mini or its update/replacment. so i need to get a wireless mighty mouse and wireless keyboard.. do you think it will be safe to buy before macworld?
i forgot when exactly is the keynote? and what time would it be for central time zone?
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