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that is exactly what i want!!! especially the PRICE.. i really dont know that much about computer component prices, so is that a realistic price for those upgrades and would apple go that low?
i am using safari on my windows pc right now so that i can get used to it before i get a mac. in Internet Explorer you have to delete cookies and temp internet files and stuff... is there anything you have to do in safari? i noticed the empty cache button on the edit menu but didnt want to click it and mess something up..
ok. thats a better word
i know this isnt on apples website but what about the mac mini being only available online and backorderd for two weeks at bestbuys website.?http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....c=abcat0500000
so what does "on sale: today shipping: february" mean? is it like you can buy it at apple.com but it wont ship out until february?
i really hope they release a version for the PS3.. that would be perfect!!
how soon after jan 15 when the new products are released will they be available to buy at a bestbuy apple store? hopefully the same day!!
to me getting what he got when your moving out doesnt mean your rich. its just what parents do when you get your first place, at least my family and relatives... i havent moved out yet cause im still in high school
well will the current mini drive a 26" LCD 1366 x 768
what do you mean full OS installed? is it not already?
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