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i agree. even though i dont know much about apple i dont think they will have time to release an update by then... but i dont know anything :-)
heres the link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1161733242109 would it be compatable with a mac mini?
i got DVDs, clothes, and in a couple weeks will get a Mac Mini after Macworld so i have the latest version..
he said not. unless i dont understand something...
k. sweet! thanks
why do you want two monitors?
also if i get a mac mini and the apple wireless keyboard and mighty mouse, will i have to hook up a wired keyboard and mouse to set up the wireless ones or will the bluetooth auto connect them.
Hey i was wondering how old the current wireless keyboard is? i dont want to buy one and then have it updated in a month or two...
[QUOTE]I have the money and the place at my deskQUOTE] me too!
once/if they come out with a new mini, when will it be we be able to order it on bestbuys website?? i have to get it from bestbuy because i have a ton of gift cards to there and reward zone points...
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