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i would get it from Costco. they are soo much cheaper than besbuy. we bought a BIG mount from there that can do EVERYTHING for the same price as a flush mount at bestbuy.
the online apple store???
they have the usb connected tuner that connects to a coaxal cable. i would like to see a built in tuner too for the same purose as you, a kitchen all in one.
oh and where can you buy DVI to HDMI adapters or cables
yes!! i hope they do put a HDMI output!!
the TV that i would be hooking a Mini(upgrade) to has a 1366 x 768 resolution and the mini will go up to 1920 by 1080 with VGA output. will this setup work??
i like that idea..
there are several BD and HD players that are below 399 and one HD that is below 299
i will be hooking up a mac mini or hopefully its replacement/upgrade, in january after MacWorld, to a HDTV with a VGA but i would like to use an HDMI connection. maybe the mini upgrade will have an HDMI output (assuming there is an upgrade!!)
That is MY dream!!!!
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