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oh ha sorry. it makes sence now but there are others that doo want to kill it so for them WHY???!?
what the hell is wrong with a sub $1000 Mac? maybe some people dont want to spend $2500 on a good computer to hook up to a tv on the wall to do basic things like internet and school work
Why do some of you think the mini should die??? those of you who do think it should "die", do you think it should be replaced with something?? that is in the same price range.
On bestbuys website it shows both Mini's as being backordered and the Pro which is also rumored to be updated or at least it is time to, anywase does that mean they have stopped shipping Mini's cause they are going to totally redo it?? hopefully!!
so what resolution will the DVI output handle, mine would be hooked up to a 26" lcd
i dont see the hint of a new keyboard??
actually i havent even used vista yet and i also havent used a mac but i know thats what i want..
because alot well almost all of the pc's i use are slow in starting up, opening app's and sometimes really slow in the internet. i mean it doesnt have to be like the fastest computer out there just fast enough to keep up with opening a few programs and starting up without having to wait for minutes
i want a $700 or lower mini replacement, to hook up to a flat screen on the wall!! nothing special it just needs to be fast, have internet and word/powerpoint/excel type software...
i meant like that day or week or is it coming out sometime else that year! smart-a@$
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