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No. I bought an AppleTV 2 several years ago during Christmas time for $89. Do your homework.
But Samsung does it around the dinner table.
"Worse, though, are the repeated voicemail failures since 5.1 rolled out.  There are times when Sprint users actually have to turn their phones off and on again (I mean, a hard "off", not just sleep), just to be able to play a voicemail."   Sounds like my AT$T iPhone.
And in other news...the six member ITC Commission are still enjoying their brand new Mercedes Benz's.
They put the wifi and battery icons on the wrong side of the screen.
Daily I'm seeing commercials by AT$T saying how much they've been improving their network in my area (Denver). I'm sitting at home right now looking at my phone which says No Service. What a joke. I call them the "Call Failed" company. Just waiting and waiting for the Verizon iPhone 5...
I've already seen it!
AT$T - The Call Failed Company
Nooooooooo!!!! Why oh why Apple? Please bail on the sleezy, lying monopolistic AT$T. Since the day I stood in line for the very first iPhone, until now, I have had nothing but trouble and network issues with my iPhone and lies from AT$T whenever I tried to get them resolved. How about "it's not our networks fault..it's your fault, it's Apple's fault, it's the iPhone's fault. it's your tree's, it's your refrigerator, or it's your microwave." 3 bars to none in those years...
This is a double tick me off! So my network in the past year and a half has gone from 3 bars to practically nothing and AT$T decides to add more crap onto their network without fixing things first?! And then Sling, decides my Slingbox AV doesn't qualify even though, way back when, they sold it with the promise it would. I hate bith these companies. Oxygen thieves...
New Posts  All Forums: