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 There you have it!
Just want to point out that Google Maps on Android is vector based for almost 2 years now:   http://eurodroid.com/2010/12/16/google-maps-5-0-for-android-launches-all-new-vector-based-offline-3d-mapping/   You should compare Apple Maps to the competition not to some old app that was already behind it's time.
I'm curious how you select the last item in Finder's list view when there will appear that horizontal scroll bar on top of it (as can be seen in the video)? I think it is the right direction to move the UI forward but will it work well at the end? On the other side the scroll bar in the Cover Flow view should be an overlay too, would make a lot more sense there.
Oh yes! A typo in an ad - wow. What a great story! And you compare all this to what? iPhone 4 marketing. That's called journalism I guess...
Sure it is Visual Studio! And it's not the same XNA development technology like the Zune HD uses. It's not compatible with the Zune HD. But for me it is obvious that they will upgrade the Zune platform to the same version of XNA and the underlying OS (Windows Compact Embedded 7) later so that developers can create ONE game, that will play on XBox 360, Zune and Windows Phone. Silverlight apps will run on almost every platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phones, Windows...
Haven't you heard of Windows 7? Comparing Windows XP with OS X is pointless. It is like comparing Win7 with Mac OS 9. A lot of people (100 million+) find Windows 7 much easier and more stable than Snow Leopard.
Thats your opinion. I think that their store design looks much better and they show more than just 5 products. I guess that playing around with the Surface tables and the Xboxes is interesting for people.
Why should they? They sell 7 copies of Windows 7 every second. It's the best selling OS in history (http://www.ithinkdiff.com/7-copies-o...-second-77772/) Oh and they had a huge crowd at the opening of their first store. (http://www.destructoid.com/inside-mi...e-152794.phtml) But this doesn't really matter, IMO.
MS did open retail stores long before Apple was successful. Yes, they did close them and now they are re-entering but come on - a retail store is nothing that Apple invented! Childish At leasts these stores from Microsoft do have a very cool 360° video installation
New Posts  All Forums: