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I've been wondering the same thing. Recently, his drivel has been sourced from "the well connected Kuo" on AI. The most recent one says "Kuo, who has earned a positive reputation for accurately predicting Apple's future product plans, "In reality, I haven't seen any evidence that Kuo is any more accurate than any of the other idiots who masquerade as analysts.I wonder if Kuo pay AI a marketing fee.
I would really love to see someone actually keep track of stuff like this.Kuo has certainly been right on some of his predictions, but he throws around so much crap, it would be impossible for him to be wrong 100% of the time. But I sure haven't seen any evidence that he's any more accurate than any of the other neanderthal analysts.
If they were blending the signal from a lot if different antennas so that different subscribers were all using the same signal, that would probably be a 'public rebroadcast'. They claim not to be doing that, though.
Who cares?It is essentially a repackaged iPhone 5. Yes, it has a few minor improvements, but the features are essentially identical other than the case.
It's completely relevant to your post - and the absurdity of your continuing to pretend that you're the world's expert in everything and no one else is entitled to any opinion except you. You know more about design than Jony Ive. You know more about iPad and iPhone sizing than Apple. You know more about materials than Ive and the rest of the Apple team.Do you realize how utterly foolish all of that makes you sound?More importantly, Kuo is calling for 11 M 5C phones in...
The second link doesn't work.The first one, if accurate, seems to suggest that it would be OK - as long as they're doing what they say. Each subscriber gets a single antenna and can only access that antenna. There's no way for a subscriber to get content from anyone else's antenna.The author of the Fortune article does miss one point. When he says that direct viewing might be illegal, he neglects Aereo's claim that it's a private network - and therefore not analogous to...
I'm not arguing anything about what the antenna looks like. And I haven't been able to find anything on Aereo's web site or anywhere else that confirms your claim.In my mind, the critical issue is whether each subscriber gets their own dedicated antenna and whether their feed comes only from that antenna. You claim that it works that way, but haven't provided anything to back that up.If it does work that way, I can accept that it's a private rebroadcast. If, OTOH, they...
That's false. There were 32 bit systems that could handle more than 4 GB of RAM. It required some software tricks, but it could be done.For example, OS X can handle up to 32 GB of RAM in 32 bit mode:https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2554234?start=0&tstart=0
And, yet, I've never been able to find any documentation that each subscriber gets a dedicated antenna with the signals not being mixed.So where's your evidence?
The 4th Amendment means that you're secure from unreasonable searches and seizures BY THE GOVERNMENT. It does not regulate Google's behavior. That is controlled by the law.I don't think anyone is arguing that Google should be able to do what they did with impunity. I'm simply arguing that under U.S. law, you must be able to prove harm in order to win a civil case. That doesn't mean that there was no harm - just that the plaintiffs did not prove any harm.One can, for...
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