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I don't see anything in their advertising that says you can have all you want at unlimited speeds. For that matter, "unlimited' is not possible from ANYONE - since you are limited by the data transmission speed even on LTE.By your silly logic, "All you can eat" buffets are lying because if you want to eat more than the mass of the planet earth, they won't provide it.Except that they didn't say you could get from CA to NY in 3 days. They just said you could get from CA to...
Why does anyone care?They were grossly limited by availability last year. They sold almost twice as many phones this year. Every report says that they're replenishing the 5S on a nearly daily basis.So speculate all you want. The fact is that this was a far better launch than last year.
Wow. I wish I could get 79-91% of my maximum bonus for putting out crap like Surface RT.
No. If the error margin is +/- 3% (for example), then if you repeat exactly the same survey under the same conditions, you could get a swing of 3% even if nothing changed. There's scatter in the data. A change that's less than the error margin is meaningless.
You really ought to be careful about slandering companies.Straight Talk's data plan IS unlimited. You can download as much as you want.Granted, they slow down your delivery if you are a data hog, but you can still get all you want.So where's the lie?
I'm not suggesting anything. I'm stating a fact.Last year, they sold 5 M phones on launch weekend. They sold everyone they had - it was just about impossible to find an iPhone 5 anywhere.This year, they sold 9 M phones on launch weekend and there were some in stock after that (mostly 5C, but a few 5S).It's pretty obvious that the supply was better this year. Now, I don't know if they were producing them faster or simply started production earlier, but they had more phones...
That's not possible. Everyone knows that Apple Maps is no good and Google Maps is 84.3 billion times better. /sBTW, I wonder how having Apple Maps as the default app on iOS is unfair, but having Google Maps as the default on Android is OK.
So your problem is that the vendor can't create its own products and ecosystem? That's not Apple's fault, either.Apple has a reason for having a closed ecosystem - security. You don't like it? Buy an Android device.
I've seen much worse. Heck, even most of the industry analysts say stupider things.But there IS an appropriate response for insanely stupid posts:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0
Perhaps you should get real.You didn't pay Apple $240 (30% of $800 in purchases). You didn't pay Apple ANYTHING. You went to a site and decided that the price was good enough that you'd buy something - and you did so.The VENDOR chose to pay Apple 30%. They felt that what Apple offered (access to the ecosystem, servers in some cases, management of the iTunes store, money collection, whatever) was worth 30% to them. That's their choice and they made it.You don't get to...
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