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Your comparison isn't really accurate.iPhone 5 sales were severely limited by availability. Even if they had launched China and Australia on the same day as the US, they didn't have any more phones to sell, so 5 M would have still been the number - just spread around differently. So 9 M available for sale on launch weekend is clearly a major improvement over 5 M available on launch weekend. Launch weekend sales are equal to the number available - they sold them all (even...
You're either lying or intentionally blind. That story made headlines on every major news outlet.Well, I guess it's also possible that you were in a coma for 3 months and someone else was posting to AI using your name.
Nope. None of those are news.In most surveys like this, the margin of error is +/- 2 or 3%. Anything less than that is meaningless (or, in some cases, marginally meaningful but at a much lower confidence level). Statistically, almost all of the numbers are 'no change'.And that doesn't even get into the biggest source of error in surveys like this. The margin of error calculations assume that the sample is truly random and representative. Since they don't give the...
They sold 9 M phones in the first weekend. The LOWEST estimate was that 2 M of them were iPhone 5Cs. I don't think demand is the problem.In fact, retailers often discount hot items in order to draw people into their stores.
And this will get somewhere between 1/10 and 1/20 as much coverage in the media as all the earlier reports that Apple was being investigated for for tax evasion.
Especially when the judge so clearly prejudged the case - and made some bizarre rulings.
Easy to beat. Sell your phone on eBay for $100 more than you'll get from trading it in.
Once again, that assumes that your options are 'no phone' or '2 years of subsidized phone'.In reality, for most people in the U.S. (since you're listing US carriers), they're going to be paying the carrier, anyway. Once your contract has expired, you get no discount on your rate, so your monthly payment stays the same whether you get a new phone or not. So if your options are "continue plan with existing phone" vs "continue plan with new phone", the cost is $100 for 5C and...
Who in their right mind would expect the 5C to outsell the 5S? The 5S is the latests phone with all the new features. Early adopters (who tend to buy on opening weekend) are going to heavily prefer that. The 5C is basically last year's technology. The people who wanted that could have bought an iPhone 5 any time during the past year.NIEVER has a previous generation phone outsold the newest one. It would be insane to expect it to.
But that's exactly the point. They obviously thought it would help sales - which refutes dasaman69's insistence that no one pays attention to benchmarks except geeks.
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