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That's fairly standard in forums like this. There is a lot of Apple bashing that appears to be orchestrated by their competition. There's even more that's orchestrated by media that benefits from putting Apple down.
Straight Talk doesn't, but it's pretty easy to put your phone into airplane mode.
So if benchmarks don't matter and no one uses them, why did Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, and others feel the need to cheat on the benchmarks?And why do so many reviews of phones include benchmark results?No one is making anything up - except your silly arguments.Why in the world are you accusing Apple of cheating because some independent third party creates a Hackintosh?The two scenarios are worlds apart. In one case, Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG and others actively create hooks into...
Exactly. The schools gave students a system that had not been properly configured for security and then complained when there was a security problem.
I guess you've never been involved in litigation involving confidential business information. Samsung executives should have known better than to use this. Even at a much lower level in a Fortune 500 company, it was made clear to me early on that I could not use competitors confidential information.Furthermore:"Paul Melin alleges Samsung executive Dr. Seungho Ahn not only mentioned his cognizance of the confidential Apple-Nokia license, but used this knowledge to gain an...
You mean the IT teams that rolled out an upgrade without testing it?
Exactly.Apple is at fault here, but so are the school districts. You NEVER implement a major upgrade without testing it in your own system and with your own particular setup.
Not true. OS X run on a Hackintosh is not a Mac. When a benchmark is reported for Macs, it is running a genuine OS on a genuine computer. If someone looks for the iPhone 5 on Geekbench, they get the actual results that they would see if they buy one at AT&T or the Apple Store.The Android benchmarks are generally reported only by the phone hardware type. They don't explain that it's not a commercial system - and is bastardized and hacked to eliminate functionality so it...
Published Geekbench results are regularly done on hacked Android versions that have been modified specifically to run benchmarks - at the expense of actually doing anything useful.Just another example of why Android benchmarks shouldn't be trusted.
Of course you'd deny it.http://www.cnx-software.com/2012/11/24/list-of-android-benchmarks-and-software-optimizations-results-analysis/
New Posts  All Forums: