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I got it on a third party site:https://www.ehealthinsurance.com
There's no official evidence of that. There are rumors that they've done that, but "outstanding results" is undoubtedly an exaggeration. Even the fastest A7 is dog slow compared to the MBA.Maybe some day they'll be able to us an ARM chip that's fast enough to be competitive, but that's a long way in the future.OTOH, I would not be the least bit surprised to see an iPad Pro which is a format like the MBA, but is essentially an iPad with a keyboard. But that would be in...
You forgot - they also use special versions of Android that eliminate all background tasks and limit functionality to gain a few more percent on the score.
Enough to make Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, and others cheat on the benchmarks.
To be accurate, no one is forced to buy insurance under the ACA, either.Essentially, the government says "we want you to buy insurance. If you don't, you pay a penalty to cover the societal costs that you're not picking up". Think of it as a new tax if you wish, with a 100% tax credit if you have insurance.
So? What's your point? I don't recall being able to use an iPhone as being one of the Constitutional requirements for holding that office. He was elected by the US populace via the Constitutional rules.Of course people care about it. They care enough that the issue was already taken to the Supreme Court which decided that it's Constitutional.You keep forgetting - there is a system for creating laws. The US Congress passed ACA in 2010. It was signed into law. The Supreme...
That's all true, but your argument doesn't really address the issue, either.You want to compare 2 GB of DDR2 to 1 GB of DDR2. That isn't a useful comparison. Apple decided to go with DDR3 on the A7. Once that decision was made, they would say "should we use 1 GB or 2 GB?" 2 GB will probably use more energy than 1 GB (although one could probably come up with unusual scenarios where the opposite is true). So Apple's use of 1 GB does save energy compared to 2 GB of the same...
I purchased it on eBay, but it doesn't matter. Straight Talk doesn't support LTE on phones you buy from them, either.
Best line of the whole article.
That part of "faster with half as many cores and 30% lower clock speed" don't you understand?The results are impressive. Whether Qualcomm understands them or not is irrelevant.
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