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Great. Now if only Straight Talk would let me use LTE. They're on the AT&T network, so there's no technical reason why they can't. It's purely contractual. Of course, given that it's costing me half as much as AT&T did, I don't mind waiting a few seconds for a download, but it would be nice if I didn't have to.
Forgetting all the hype and theory (most of the complainers ignore the fact that there's more to the A7 than memory addressing), the proof is in the pudding. Apple's A7 with two cores at 1.3 GHz (and the corresponding energy consumption) is roughly equivalent to a four core AMD chip from anyone else at 2.3 GHz. Clearly, Apple's chip is a very high performing chip and does so at low energy consumption. If you want to call that a gimmick, go ahead.
If they have any T-bills, they've already done that.Whether it's safe is anyone's guess, but I would venture that there still aren't too many safer investments.
It would help if you choose a reasonable metric. Yours is "2009 percentage of population 25 years old with a High School diploma or higher".Sorry, but that has nothing to do with educational performance. For example, CA has a much higher immigrant population than most of the US. Many of those immigrants never had a high school diploma.When you look at actual educational performance, CA performs much better. And when it comes to college graduation rates, CA is in the top 10.
I beg to differ. You are a Samsung apologist.Optimization is one thing. 'Optimization' would involve figuring out what the app does and then assigning the appropriate conditions for that app. But when the same app is 'optimized' differently by merely changing it's name, that's not optimization. It's artificially giving known benchmark apps an advantage that other apps don't have.The purpose of benchmarks is to give you an easily measured performance metric that allows you...
His statement is true. The Board should be listening to what shareholders want. But that doesn't mean that they have to do it.The way corporate governance works is that shareholders select a Board. The Board is given responsibility for directing the company and usually does so by hiring a CEO to follow their guidance. If the Board is unhappy with the CEO, they fire him/her. If the shareholders are unhappy with the board, they replace them. That's it.Now, Icahn is free to...
Instead of complaining about his language, why not address the facts he presented? Here, I"ll post them for you again:
Most states do.You are also forced to contribute to Social Security and Medicare.You are forced to pay taxes.You are forced to obey posted speed limits.You are forced to pay tolls on toll roads.You are forced to do a lot of things. The argument that this is somehow a unique extension of government powers is a losing argument. The Supreme Court has already ruled that it's Constitutional. If you don't like it, blame Congress - they're the ones who passed the law.
No one ever claimed that it would weaken Icahn's (or anyone else's) share value.What it achieves is that it makes the stock more affordable for small investors. The average investor who can set aside $100 a month to buy shares is far more likely to buy AAPL monthly than to wait 5 months and then buy one share. There's also a psychological difference for the small investor. Buying shares at $50 isn't as scary as buying them at $500 - even if the actual proportional value...
Not necessarily.We know that the A7 at 1.3 GHz RUNNING iOS beats the Exynos @1.8 GHz RUNNING ANDROID. The fact that they're running different operating systems makes it more complex. Maybe the performance is due to the CPU and maybe it's the OS (or maybe both).If you want to say that one process is faster than the other, you would need to be running the same OS on both.
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