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Yes, that's absolutely a possibility as well.For a one time deal, it's not clear which approach would be more economical. Machining aluminum is not very time consuming or expensive so you'd weigh the cost of making a mold and casting the rough table then finish machining against the cost of starting with a large block and machining it to shape. I honestly don't know which one would be cheaper - it probably depends on whether they can easily find a raw block of the desired...
Probably not. As you can see, they have a long way to go before they reach Qualcomm's size and Qualcomm remains fabless.It comes down to doing what you do well. Apple doesn't have the expertise to be a chip manufacturer, so outsourcing to companies who do makes sense.Of course they do - at least Intel.Intel sells the Atom processor for mobile devices. Every A7 that is made to Apple's specs is one less Atom that Intel might sell. If they didn't include Apple, the results...
The analogies are really out of control on this thread.Do you think that if you tried a little harder that you might come up with an even more ridiculous analogy?
You might want to see your physician. Your memory is apparently gone.The iPhone 5 was in extremely short supply for a long, long time.
Except the yellow one was reportedly the first to sell out on the Apple online store.Who would want one? Enough people to make it the #2 phone for September at most US carriers.
"For the purposes of calculating revenue share, Strategy Analytics classifies Apple as a fabless semiconductor company, akin to Qualcomm, even though Cupertino does not license or sell their processor designs to other companies. The firm then uses "market-level average selling prices," combined with Apple's reported unit shipments, to generate the expected revenue numbers."
First, the last time I checked, slavery was illegal. I really doubt that Ive works on Apple products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Second, this kind of thing is a valuable learning experience for designers. It helps them to think of creative solutions for problems and smart management lets their designers spend some time just experimenting. If he can get Apple some great PR at the same time, it's a bonus.And rightly so. It was just as ridiculous then as it is now.
Exactly. The only actual facts out there indicate that the 5S and 5C have been selling quite well. Kuo's prediction is insane.Yet the 5C is the second best selling phone in the US in September - even though it had only half a month while all the other phones were sold for the full month. Why would Apple cut the price further? And what expertise do you have that makes you better able to set prices and market strategies than Apple? How many multibillion dollar products have...
I wondered the same thing.It's possible that it was machined from a single large block of aluminum, though. It would be very expensive, but not as much as you might think - and for a one off charity piece like this, the extra cost wouldn't matter much. Remember that it's not that hard to find V8 engine blocks machined from single blocks of aluminum. This is larger, but not that much larger.Obviously, if you were planning to mass produce them, machining from a single block...
I see Kuo is doubling down on stupidity.They're going to sell fewer units in the Christmas quarter (3 months) than they sold in half a month?That's absolute lunacy. It's really too bad that no one keeps track of stupid predictions from analysts and docks their pay accordingly.
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