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For anyone who hasn't jumped in, this is not a great deal. For example http://www.cashforiphones.com is offering up to $334 for that phone.
The Software Publishers Association used to be experts at this:http://web.archive.org/web/19990427063057/http://www.dol.net/%7ERagosta/spa.htm
Big deal. ESTIMATES (which are usually wrong) of Apple's sales in one country for one quarter show that PCs have gained a bit of share.Considering that Apple's share has grown steadily for at least 5 years from around 3% to around 12-13%, I don't think a minor drop in one quarter means all that much. Especially since they had a whole quarter of MBP sales last year (introduced June 11) and didn't have any new products in the quarter this year.Insignificant bump.
They haven't even hired the person who is going to be responsible for finishing the product and getting government approval. Doesn't sound like a deal is "on the horizon" at all. Or, at least, there won't be any phones sold for quite a while.
No. I want Apple to make a product that doesn't suck.
The iPhone 5 already has a retina screen. That means that your eyes won't distinguish discrete pixels, so there's no advantage to finer resolution. There are, however disadvantages - poorer battery life and (most of the time) worse color.So why should Apple do that? Just to play silly spec games?
So?Apple's Retina Display offers all the resolution that your eyes can distinguish. There's no benefit to greater than retina resolution. There are, however, some disadvantages - poorer color and shorter battery life. Funny how the Android camp seems to confuse 'specs' with 'quality'.While I agree with much of what you say, the bolded part is wrong. With gerrymandering (look it up), a large fraction of incumbents on both sides of the aisle have a nearly unbreakable lock on...
Not a chance. Rosetta was a marvelous piece of software, but Rosetta apps were still far slower than native apps. You lose something like 3/4 of your performance in the translation. Since the A7 is still far slower than even the slowest i3, that would be unacceptable. Slower chip further dragged down by emulation. That makes it even LESS likely that you'd see an A-series MBA any time soon.'And Apple will never make a smaller iPad. 10" is perfect and a smaller one would be...
Acceptable means 'doesn't have a lag that's noticeable to the user'. By that standard, virtually every Android device out there is unacceptable. Just read some reviews. They almost always mention the Android lag - or say that it's not as smooth as iDevices or something similar.
For you and all the other people vehemently trashing this idea - maybe you should start by realizing that not everyone has the same needs.I can see a great demand for the product. When I'm traveling, an extra pound or two is a pain. An iPad does about 90% of what I need to do when I'm traveling, but I still end up carrying an iPad PLUS my MBP. With an iPad Pro (10-13" screen, keyboard, but otherwise an iPad), I'd only need one device and could leave the MBP at home. For...
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