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Well, it used to be a Steve Jobs thing. Now it's a Samsung thing.
Well, no. I can't stand Fox News because I don't like "news" media spreading blatant lies.I'm only a liberal by Fox News standards. By virtually any other standard, I'm pretty conservative. The Tea Party has hijacked the language so much that words like 'conservative' and 'liberal' no longer have much meaning.For example, Obamacare is essentially the same plan that Romney put in place in MA. Even more to the point, it's almost exactly the same plan proposed by the GOP in...
Isn't it amazing how an independent test measured objectively indicates that every Android tablet tested is much slower than any iPad tested - yet we still have these Android shills spouting their nonsense?No wonder Google and Samsung have such massive marketing budgets. It's expensive hiring millions of fandroids.
So why is it more important to follow the earth's revolution around the sun so that we can track year to year than to follow the earth's rotation so we can track days?I would argue that being able to track days is far more important. Lots of people do just fine without knowing the exact day. Very few people would be OK with not knowing the time. With your scheme, you couldn't even do things like "work starts at 8 am every weekday morning". You'd have to give a different...
I did read it. But, then, I didn't have Fox News making up stupid arguments.The issues were:Akre was fired. She claimed whistleblower status. The court ruled that whistleblower status was valid only if Fox had broken the law. But since Fox argued (and won) that there was no law requiring them to be truthful, Akre lost.Fox's argument was simple - the law did not require them to be truthful. Period.
Not a chance.Apple will not release a product that is dramatically slower than its predecessor. An iPad convertible (what I've been calling an 'Ipad Pro' for the year or more that I've been talking about it) would not be a replacement for the MBA, but would rather be an extension of the iPad line. Although some people might buy it instead of the MBA, it wouldn't be marketed as an MBA.
I don't need to. It's been done repeatedly (including some examples below). Fox News is the only "news" media to fight and win a state supreme court case to get affirmation of their right to lie.Nice try. You've mastered the Fox News red herring garbage. None of those links refutes what I said - you're simply trying to hide the facts behind a stream of nonsequitors. No one cares if Akres won their other arguments. The ruling is clear:The appeals court decision (as affirmed...
Actually, even that doesn't help much. Samsung's blatant theft of Apple technology probably cost Apple a lot more than the $1 B that Apple might collect some day.The problem is that the system moves too slowly. By the time the appeals are exhausted and Apple gets a Samsung device banned, it's already obsolete. Samsung can continue to infringe with impunity - by the time they get caught and fined, they've already earned far more money than they have to pay in fines. And...
Nope. I may be moving soon and don't see any reason to put money into the house.
Nonsense.The iPhone as a 64 bit processor. Motion sensor. Integral fingerprint sensor. Performance equal to or greater than anything on the market. "Most" manufacturers offer those things?
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