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Not everyone is like you. They don't need to suit every single potential customer in order to be successful.My home has 2 smoke detectors and 2 thermostats.Not to mention, of course, that the smoke detectors just might save your life.
It's not going to happen. Carriers won't buy it - especially from an Android device. Networks are already strained to the breaking point and carriers are resisting investment. I don't see anyone being able to bring enough new accounts to get them to upgrade - especially since the phones would work even without supporting the proprietary add-on.If carriers were interested in doing this, why is there only one carrier who supports visual voice mail? And that doesn't even...
If $250 didn't sink the thermostat, I'm not sure why $129 would sink a smoke detector.
It's clumsy when weathermen do it, too. They're frequently turning away from the audience and/or looking over their shoulders. It's an awkward process.
Yeah, it's a gimmick. A gimmick that allows Apple's A7 to outperform competitior's products with twice as many cores and 70% higher clock speeds.Don't count on Kit Kat being 64 bit. If it were going to be, we'd have heard about it already. Even if it were, the fragmented Android infrastructure and lack of quality development tools would ensure that it would be years before most apps get converted, anyway.
That's not likely to happen.The carriers want SEPs - there's no way that a carrier can support a bunch of different proprietary technologies. Handset manufacturers want SEPs - they don't want to support a zillion proprietary technologies, either.As long as there's a technology available that will do the job where the IP owner is willing to make it SEP, that will be the choice. And some companies (Qualcomm, for example) like SEPs and have built their business model around...
It's a horrible use of technology. It requires the reporter to turn away from the camera and wave his arms all over the screen. It's distracting. A good use of technology would have been to give the reporter an iPad which displayed onto a large screen via AirPlay.On on-screen ticker is no better than what they're doing. It distracts the viewer from the reporter and there's no interaction between the reporter and the display.
Let's see. Apple says it will be at the high end of the 36-37% range. Some analyst who doesn't have access to Apple's financials says it will be 40%.Hmmm... who to believe?
Really? I never would have guessed that a 55" device was a TV rather than a tablet.
But it's still based on the revolutions of the earth around the sun.Why not simply use some arbitrary time standard - perhaps based on vibrations of the hydrogen atom.
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