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True. When Schmidt says it, it comes from the horse's other end.
Who in the world wants to use a 55" TV as a touch screen? A better solution would be to give the reporters iPads and then put an Apple TV on each large screen TV - using AIr Play to let the reporter manipulate the iPad and show what they want on the big screen. Way less than half the cost and far more useful (for example, the reporter could continue to look at the camera instead of showing their backside).Fox News actually argued (and won) a case in front of the FL Supreme...
It shouldn't change the price, at least if you believe the idiots who have jobs as analysts. They say that Apple can make a product with a much larger screen, maintain the existing quality, lower the price dramatically, and still maintain their current margins. /s
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communicator_(Star_Trek)"Wrist-worn communicators were used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and remained in use by some Starfleet installations and vessels during the time of The Wrath of Khan. However, the traditional handheld communicator returned in later films. The reason for the switch was not explained, but the non-canon source Mister Scott's Guide to the Enterprise offered the explanation that Starfleet discontinued use of the...
Exactly. She said that the DOJ would be able to win the case before it even started.The only remaining question is whether the Appeals court will overturn it or send it back to the court.Ordinarily, I would expect it to be remanded to the original court, but given the blatant bias and disregard for legal procedures, I wouldn't be surprised to see it either overturned or sent to a different judge for a new hearing.
So you're a composer, a conductor, an artist, and a world traveler?Somehow I doubt it.
Yeah, Apple would never sue Samsung. /s
There are two differences:1. Giving a loyalty reward on top of normal business arrangements is one thing. What was proposed was actually penalizing someone that you didn't like. There's a difference.2. Loyalty programs are perfectly legal and are legitimate business practices. But they need to be spelled out in advance. Simply hitting someone after the fact and saying you're punishing them for saying something you don't like is a very different matter. It would be a...
I don't know what the laws are like in Japan, and I'm not even sure what the laws would say on the matter in the U.S., but I'd be very, very careful before using aupply as a weapon. Even if it's legal, when your customers see that you are willing to beat them up like that, it interferes with long term loyalty.
Great idea. Let Apple win another billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung.In spite of widespread rumors, there is no official confirmation that Samsung makes the chip inside the iPhone. If Samsung were to announce that, they'd violate the NDA which is undoubtedly in place - and give Apple another victory in court.
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