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But wouldn't the constraints affect everyone?Unless you waited until the day before launch to order them.
My favorite is that just a few weeks ago, the share price was $490 and Misek had a $405 target. Yet his recommendation was 'hold'. Why in the world would anyone hold a stock which was expected to lose 17% of its value?
Exactly. There's absolutely no basis for the 65 M number, nor is there any basis for the 10 M number. They're both clearly fabricated from thin air.The correct number for today is 0. There is no product and no announcement that there will be a product. It's ridiculous to even speculate on such a thing.Of course, we could have some fun with it:When Apple begins its space flights to Mars, they will have 20,000 customers per year.When Apple introduces sexbots, they will sell...
I prefer some of the extended battery cases. If I don't get to charge my phone at the end of the day, I'm good for a second day - or if I end up using it extremely heavily one day, it still lasts all day.
Yes, but Apple was smart enough to realize that and move into new markets. Microsoft tried to move into new markets (years after Apple showed them the way) and then failed. So they had two failures - both strategy and execution.
Except that's not what happened.She didn't simply present a view. She said that it appeared likely that the DOJ would prove that Apple illegally conspired to fix prices.That is a clear case of prejudging the matter. Not to mention clear evidence that the judge is a moron for saying it publicly.
It's not a commercial decision - it's a legal one. They have to follow the law. Whether they sell 1 iDevice or a billion, the law is the law.Except that it has nothing at all to do with Apple IDs or the Apple Store. It's about Internet access.
And if they didn't take it down, people would complain that Apple was helping people to break the law.The app is illegal in China. Apple had every right to take it down.
At that level, 'profitable every quarter' is not sufficient for a performance evaluation. If you do nothing at all, a company like MS would continue to be profitable for a long, long time.Evaluation at that level is incremental - are profits increasing? Are they entering new markets? Are they doing better this year than last year? And, by all means, did avoid a massive write off for disastrous product launches?The board messed up if he made that high a percentage of his...
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