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I am travelling to France next monday so hopefully all the analysts and apple haters are right about the 5s is as bad as ever and sells poorly so that I can grab one for myself
It's just rumours after all and I hope few would get too worked up because of it. I do hope apple keeps the Pro line despite that I don't have a need for it. What that source seems to imply is the new 15 inch MacBook air will effectively kill the appeal of a MacBook pro for average consumer and I agree with that. There aren't that many people need to use the optical drive and the horsepower, while the portability of an Air is much appreciated.
I don't remember if it came with Lion or not. I burned the firmware update of momentus xt to a DVD, and then tried to boot from it with a keyboard combination. The Mac recognized the drive, but didn't work thereafter.
I don't know. When I tried to update firmware of the momentus xt in my mac mini, I couldn't boot from the DVD drive after I selected it at startup. The screen was simply black afterwards and nothing happened.
Does it mean I can finally boot from a USB-powered DVD drive on my 2011 mac mini?
Apple doesn't have any offering of TV shows, or movie in Norway so what is the point in selling it here? They sold 1st gen Apple TV before, but you could only play photo, music, youtube etc. which is pretty pointless if you ask me.
Is the hardware orientation lock available for iPhone 4?
Too bad it doesn't work for you, but it's been a great servant for me, my girlfriend and my family. I doubted I would ever use it because of its limit at start because either no one else I know of has an iPhone 4 or I'm not interested in video chatting with the folk that do have iPhone 4. However, I've been using it more than I expected after Apple introduced FaceTime for Mac. There are often times that I don't have my laptop with me or I simply don't want to sit in front...
Are you sure we talking about iLife now, which is designed for the amateurs rather than professionals?
I just got my iPhone 4 from NetCom after 2 hours wait in a line with around 20 guys, and called my girlfriend in China. She said the sound was really good: crisp and clear. I just forgot I was calling with an iPhone 4 and should have held it in a "right way" to avoid this "design flaw" according to my lovely American friends, but wth I must be extremely lucky as they say.
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