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They just updated their laptop line-up two months ago. I doubt they will update it again in merely three-month's time. What they are likely to update is their desktop I think. It only costs you 10 bucks to upgrade to SL if you get it now so why bother waiting if you're certain that it's MBP that you want.
iTunes is pretty snappy for me and I have yet to see beachball when using it. My iMac is even older than yours. It used to be slow scrolling through music section several updates before, but it's not as slow as you describe, at least for me.
I wonder if we are going to see a Mac Mini refresh alongside iMac or have to wait another two years :/
I don't see that many Chinese buying the iPhone without WIFI. It's not like they won't be able to get unlocked iPhone from HK and Australia like they do right now.
The 16GB 3GS sold by Telenor here is priced exactly the same as the 16GB 3G, while the 32GB is about $165 higher. It doesn't seem so bad though I am not sure how it fare with offerings from the other countries. Their stock is so constrained that it's availability is unconfirmed until pretty much next month.
As I pointed out in my post, it is up to you how you value it. If you think it's overpriced, that means you don't think that extra advantage iPhone has over the other phones in the market worth the margin. Yes, there are many people don't think that added value justify that extra cost, as you say overpriced, but from the growth of it, I can see more and more consumers see the value.
Huge margin ≠ overprice. iPhone has much advantage over the other phones in the market and it comes with a price. You pay for what you get. Whether the advantage justify the cost is up to you, but seeing the growth of iPhone, it seems the iPhone worth every penny to the majority.
AT&T does not manage or approve applications for the App Store directly, which is Apple's job, but it's dubious that it has absolutely no involvement in the app approval process.
You can save up 200MB on your iPhone or iPod Touch which seems sufficient to me. Storing GBs of files locally on iPhone or iPod Touch defeats the purpose IMO.
Don't you ask those who have this problem to post? I thought you would have realise no one but you here have a defective one rather than claiming AppleInsider forums dead ones.
New Posts  All Forums: