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Also there is HERE REST Places API and Geocoder as an alternative https://places.demo.api.here.com/places/
Marvin made a good point that USB-C would not be able a 4K display if his info is correct.  If that is the case, wouldn't a macbook pro also need a lightning port in addition to 1-2 USB-C ports? If USB-C can drive a 4K display, then I agree with you.
Well, I certainly hope that the next macbook pro has a lightening port unlike the new macbook.  There are some going points made above.  Will the two co-exist and have multiple ports in the near future - I hope so.
Good write-up, Damn-its-Hot,   I tried doing the HERE Maps turn-by-turn guidance using the downloaded "offline" maps in Amsterdam while riding a bike there! (I was using the Android version of the HERE app) it worked and better yet, I switched it to pedestrian mode (versus drive) so I would get a better bike versus car route.  I also downloaded the high-def female UK voice and worked flawlessly. I also saved my favorite places I wanted to visit so I could go to them...
Thunderbolted   So, Thunderbolt is essentially dead - it is the new proprietary firewire. USB-C is the new universal standard for all peripherals.   This means that macbook air and macbook pro and Mac Pro and iMac sans USB-C have been PWNED!  All macbook's will eventually be in the same form factor as the newly introduced MacBooks but with different spec.   This could spell trouble for mac product line sales until new refreshes come out supporting USB-C.  USB-C is a...
The HERE maps app is pretty incredidble - I do not know what others above are talking about. I find the design and UX superior and clean.  Does Apple Maps do public transport?  does it do offline?  is the turn-by-turn guidance as good as nokia here map - apple is based off of Tom Tom data.  For users in other parts of the world outside US, offline is a big deal - you need maps the most when you are traveling - without incurring massive data costs - that's why I don't use...
No NFC, really?
Ah, Apple did not invent this just added a slight twist - how does the patent office issue patents when their is prior work from other companies. See this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_City_Lens
one woman who was wearing google glasses said she often got comments from people on street as a 'f**king cyborg'
When a user reports a map issue, how long after does the fix show up in the maps? 6 months?
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