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No NFC, really?
Ah, Apple did not invent this just added a slight twist - how does the patent office issue patents when their is prior work from other companies. See this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_City_Lens
one woman who was wearing google glasses said she often got comments from people on street as a 'f**king cyborg'
When a user reports a map issue, how long after does the fix show up in the maps? 6 months?
The Nokia N9 with Meego looks better IMHO and that was in 3 years ago in 2010.
  Except that the Top 30 companies according the recent study reported by Levin pay no income tax (on foreign derived income?) while everyone else pays the burden.  We have to further cut spending and raise revenues but raising revenues comes at the burden of ordinary US taxpayers while large multinationals find creative (and legal) ways to skirt this issue.   Lower corporate tax (from 35% - way too high to be competitive in global landscape) and close loopholes
I agree with you TBell - perhaps you misinterpreted my point - companies like Apple use existing loopholes to benefit for shareholders - they are doing nothing illegal but this is WHY exactly we need reform.   The US government is so messed up that this tax reform will not happen - its been talked about my entire life.....
  Not unless Apple wants to bring that money back into the US - then it WILL be taxed.  US is the only country on the planet that taxes its citizens on worldwide income - this is a restriction on our freedom to live and work abroad and an infraction to our liberty - basic tenants of our constitutional rights which is now contrarian
Bottom Line: Companies do not pay US taxes on foreign derived income as long as income stays abroad yet American taxpayers are taxed on ALL income derived WORLDWIDE.   This is a double standard
All large US multinationals can avoid paying taxes on income derived overseas yet individual US taxpayers have to pay on worldwide income in BOTH US and Foreign countries. The fact is the US tax code need serious reform and to be simplified. I'm all pro-business and fiscally conservative and need to be competitive, but reform is needed and corporate tax rates need to be reduced. However, the burden of US tax revenue comes from workers like me with very few...
New Posts  All Forums: