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i lived there also but back here. if you were buying a PB, no problem bring it back into UK and just not declare it. said you got in UK and travel with it. best
i have 15GB iPod and am only using 3GB so far (and that is with high bit rate encoding!) switch the iPods, i douby your dad has more cd's than you.
does anyone know when FCP4 is going to be updated with G5 optimization? I've got it running on a G5 and it crashes at critical moments in production and its not optimized for G5 (it IS faster). same goes for Soundtrack and LiveType. Anyone using FCP4 on G5?
i know!!! its especially hard for you brits with 17% VAT and added surcharge.......you could fly over to NYC...pick it up in the US and it would pay for your ticket!! yeah, not many are able to afford one, let alone 2 23" cinema displays.
Yes, thanks for the clarification. when i did this last through ASCAP it was a real bitch. so much so, even though i was prepared to pay, it was too much hassle to had to pay & license original music for $1k for 2 short tracks. I also went direct to small unknown but great artist and licensed tracks for $500 (web only delivery). Now, Soundtrack fills the gap for 10-60 sec scores (or longer). That's what I love about it. Thans MacsRGood4u on RIAA.
maxmax, i am a US citizen, 4th generation or longer. I have worked in Silicon Valley during the 80's, 90's. I have worked with many brilliant engineers and business people, mostly from Asia or India, some from Europe. I believe the net effect has been very positive and glad to have you living here and congrats on becoming a citizen. it is very difficult and troubling at the rate of 'offshoring" and this is a trend that is going to be difficult to compete with based on cost...
because G5 laptops would melt..... look, dont kid yourself. apple will announce at MWSF2004 and ship in march 2004. no earlier. 7457 was supposed to be months ago and so was G5 so why you think G5 laptops are coming beats me...read the gazillion other boards on this topic.....
its awesome. beats trying to license music from RIAA or ASCAP. Running and working on project with FCP4, ST, LT and compressor on G5. FCP is still very bugggy and crashes on G5 so awaiting Panther and/or FCP updates (running 4.0.2) FCP4 takes up a lot more CPU power than previous versions so anticipate that. ExtremeRT on G5 is great. going to dual G5 soon...returning G5 1.8 within 30days with AppleStore to upgrade to DualG5 as its not out yet in Apple Stores until...
i buy apple mostly for its software and OS versus hardware. i dont like Windoze apps and I don't like windows OS. simple as that
waiting until sept when new pb15 or 12 comes out. 12" needs DVI out, L3 cache. new pb's right around the corner....mac world paris expo
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