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the 20" is also about 20% brighter than the rest of the apple display lineup.
My TOP 10 best small apps! 1. snapz pro 2. kung log (for client blog tool) 3. transmit (ftp) 4. watson (must have) 5. nikotel2mac (mac ip telephony) 6. evocam 7. omnigraffe (diagramming) 8. macdoppler pro (satellite tracking) 9. graphic converter 10. isms (send text messages from laptop) all these apps are donationware or under $25. some samples of apps from small companies doing great things. see versiontracker for more info
hi, noticed the new powerbooks have a 512k L2 cache and faster processor but the new crop eliminated the 1MB L3 cache found on the previous AI powerbooks. What does this mean for mobile video editors using FCP 4 on powerbooks? anyone notice any difference? i know encoding uses L3 cache but not sure about FCP4 editing and rendering. cheers
iTrojan: condoms for mac fanatics like the original iMac, they come in different fruit flavors and the special french tickler edition is ribbed and ultra sensitive. think different
if you have a G5 *don not* update. see the notes. 10.2.8 is good for G3/G4 only.
waiting for handspring treo 600......
with chocolate sprinkles to boot!
i lived there also but back here. if you were buying a PB, no problem bring it back into UK and just not declare it. said you got in UK and travel with it. best
i have 15GB iPod and am only using 3GB so far (and that is with high bit rate encoding!) switch the iPods, i douby your dad has more cd's than you.
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