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Who cares about flyover when the underlying data from Tom Tom is still crap
That's mostly because it is a WebApp and not native.
It's very good for a Web app (HTML5). Looking forward to a native iOS client which will have a nice UI, faster and support more features. I like the public transportation option
  All maps are pretty much worthless as Japanese government restricts the export and use of its geo-information. All maps suck there except OSM maps which are created by Japanese citizens.  So, to be fair to Apple, and Google, and Nokia/Navteq, they all lack.   Why, do you live in Japan?  Is that why it keeps you from updating your iPhone.  If you do live in Japan, you do realize that Google Maps in Japan is also not too good either for same reason.
I completely agree - Apple Maps, often incorrect data especially outside US, no street view, no public transport, no turn by turn, no mobile offline support, closed ecosystem wall garden, no web api's
If you were Samsung, wouldn't you raise your prices 20% after Apple sued them for violating patents - some of them a little egregious And Apple is looking at moving production to TSMC.   I would do this if I were Samsung
Agreed but Maps and Siri were the last straws - there were many other issues for his outing.  Ive is taking over.   Regarding Bing, my understanding is that they migrating and that Nokia location platform is powering Bing Maps on mobile and soon on Web.
  See, you're making crap up. Zero facts about the matter. You don't actually know this, and so this is just a supposition.   @TallestSkll   Umm, you should read the news more before claiming this is a supposition and calling me a troll (from previous entries) I'm not making this crap up and here are the facts again- Google it. Forstall out due to Maps and Siri fiasco's.. Forstall came out at launch with false claims. Apple is no where near ready to enter the automotive...
New Posts  All Forums: