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If you were Samsung, wouldn't you raise your prices 20% after Apple sued them for violating patents - some of them a little egregious And Apple is looking at moving production to TSMC.   I would do this if I were Samsung
Agreed but Maps and Siri were the last straws - there were many other issues for his outing.  Ive is taking over.   Regarding Bing, my understanding is that they migrating and that Nokia location platform is powering Bing Maps on mobile and soon on Web.
  See, you're making crap up. Zero facts about the matter. You don't actually know this, and so this is just a supposition.   @TallestSkll   Umm, you should read the news more before claiming this is a supposition and calling me a troll (from previous entries) I'm not making this crap up and here are the facts again- Google it. Forstall out due to Maps and Siri fiasco's.. Forstall came out at launch with false claims. Apple is no where near ready to enter the automotive...
... think I must have hit a nerve but let's just stick to a few facts on Mapping & Location technology here beyond the dumb and personal comments about me or LA. Beyond the veneer of a map layer, there is a composite of many map data and visual layers and attributes in both 2D and 3D. In order for Apple to have "functional" navigational maps for the automotive segment, they are lacking lacking data big time here - they stitched it together from various sources like...
Automotive? That was a laugh - Apple's non-functional Franken Maps will drive you into a tree or completely wrong direction. It will take a 2-3 of years at least to get the level where Nokia and Google are at. The data is terrible and even worse when you get outside the US. I looked up my house on Apple Maps and apparently there is a freeway running right through my house - you can't even make this sh*t up no street view, not automotive grade by a long shot
  Hill60, intreresting.  can you get routing, voice turn by turn, public transportation in your area.  don't know where you live but here in California, using I'm using Nokia Maps for iOS and it's working a lot better.  Saw this video of a blogger in Singapore who had all blank areas.  So, I would be interested in seeing a comparison of your town (assume it is a town if it a big blank area) compared to google, nokia and apple. a   cheers!
That is true AppleBuser. Nokia licensed data from C3 and Apple bought C3.  One could make the analogy that Nokia got the milk while Apple bought the cow (any maybe overpaid for the cow too!)  
What;s the problem with Apple Maps?  Well, firstly they Suck.  Secondly it will take 1.5 years at least to catch up to both Nokia/Navteq and Google.    Bottom line, Apple is going to collect your data, your positioning data, toss out TomTom (they suck too!), while building up their own offering. In the meantime, this come at the expense - of guess who? - you, the consumer, the user.    Seek an alternative - whatever that may be, but this is the WORST decision and...
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